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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Law of Karma - Summary

Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. "Law of Cause and Effect" or "As you sow, so you reap". Any physical or mental action is karma.

Infinite chain of the results of actions and thoughts in the past is law of Karma.

We carry Karmic Baggage or Karmic Blessing depending on whether we’ve performed positive or negative actions in the past.

“Law of Karma” is like a universal law say “Law of Gravity” - It applies whether you accept or reject the law.

What is the driver behind the Karma? - It’s the Tri-Gunas!

Trigunas are the driver behind the thought, thought is the driver behind the action (Karma).

Gunas is the seed – Karma is the tree – Consequence of the Karma is the fruit

Sattwic Gun = Satwik Karma = Satwik fruit = Person is more close to the God

Being a Seed, Karma fructifies or does not fructify immediately after it is sown. The innumerable Karmic Seeds we produce by our various actions - desire, aversion, love, hatred, happiness, etc. will undoubtedly produce, sooner or later, a positive or negative result according to the nature of the seed, if not in this life, then in some future one.

Types of Karmas:

  • Sanchita Karma (Sum Total Karma or "Accumulated actions" or the Arrows in the Quiver)
  • Praarabdha Karma (Fructifying Karma or "Actions began; set in motion" or Arrows in Flight)
  • Kriyamana Karma (Instant, Current Karma or "Being made" or Arrows in Hand)
  • Aagami Karma (Future Karma)

Vikars (-Kama (Lust - deep desire, uncontrolled longing), -Krodh (Rage or uncontrolled anger), -Lobh (Greed - strong desire for worldly possessions), -Moh (attachment to worldly things and relations – causes ignorance or illusion) and -Ahankar (ego - excessive pride due to one's possessions - leads to jealousy, feelings of enmity.) give birth to lower level of karma (thoughts and actions) and lower level of Karma generates more Vikars.

Rebirth - The journey of life (by the atman) from the first manifestation as an amoeba to the last manifestation... the 8.4 millionth manifestation when life reaches its pinnacle... the stage of an enlightened one being born... is the only crux of life one needs to understand! The stage of enlightenment is when the atman within a body liberates forever from the cycle of birth and death. It becomes free never to manifest a body again. The soul having gained enlightenment lives in the kingdom of God...

Highest percent of Satwa Guna = Uttam Karma = Vigyana-maya kosha to Ananda-maya Kosha

Raising the SatwaGun is the only way to break the cycle of bad karma.  

Some interesting points about Law of Karma:
1) Can Result of Karma – Prabadha be changed? Yes it can be.

Only Yogies / gurus can change the Prabadha (for the disciple). But the fruit (consequences of the Karma) can’t go away – It has to be either taken and consumed by the Guru or it can be put further in the future. In short there is no escape from the consequence of any Karma by any individual.

2) For yogis the results of karma come fast for Tamasiks the results take time to fructify.

3) The last moments of the life define the next life. (The problem is the entire life decides the last moment, so its not in our hands to only change the last moments so that we get the better life in the next birth)

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Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Everyone should follow one Yoga as their primary Yoga (based on their character). Then we must combine Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This “Yoga Synthesis” will lead one to the God.
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Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Shaktipat Yoga, Maha Yoga, Shakti Yoga or Kriya Yoga