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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

 I am searching for ShaktiPat Guru, Kundalini, I want to see God
“I am searching for a Shakti-Pat Guru”; “I want to take Shakti-Pat Deeksha”; “I would like to awaken my Kundalini Shakti”; “I want a Deeksha from most able Guru”; “Which Guru would you recommend me to follow?” ; “I want to see the God?” ; “What do I do to achieve spiritual progress?”
.…These are the most common questions I receive.

I have created this page that will answer many of the above "Guru" questions and will provide exact information about how to proceed in your search for a Kundalini/Shakti Pat Guru or Divinity in general.

It is a fact that 99% of people that start with good intentions eventually give-up the Divine path because of their misunderstanding about the God and Divinity. This happens only because people have absolutely wrong set of expectations when they embark on a spiritual path. This page will help you immensely to understand the technicalities of the Divinity and help you progress steadily on the path.
Why are you searching for a Guru? Why do you want to awaken Kundalini?
This is the first question you need to ask yourself. There can be different answers to this question:

  1. If you are searching for a Guru with material interests in mind (ex: earning wealth, getting Govt. job, promotion, marriage of daughter etc.) then please do not search any more. Guru does not do anything material you may be expecting. Please stop your search for a Guru and continue with your worldly life. Guru and Kundalini are not for you....and please do not get dragged into advertisements by various Swamis on TV channels. All that is scam for those who love to be cheated and get duped and blame God for their blunders later.

    There is an exception to this rule though. If you have a seriour problem in life e.g. disease, financial crisis, psychological problem and its not getting resolved with all the human efforts then its perfectly okay to seek divine help. God does help those who are seeking his help….and seeking it intensely. Visit 1) What is use of God who can't help? He must Help & Protect; 2) Contradiction: How can God cure if he cannot change our Karma?; 3) Divine Intervention: A Real Life Example; 4) Miracle Cure – Experience Swami Samarth’s promise to you!!   
  2. If you are searching for a Guru who can awaken Kundalini to achieve Siddhis, so that you can perform miracles or help and guide others, then again you are wrong. Guru, God or Kundalini do not give any powers to anyone. God and Guru is about surrendering everything you have to the God. It’s about losing all and gaining nothing. It’s a state which you have never experienced. It’s a blissful state that is achieved after eliminating burdens, attachment, illusion, fear, anger, jealousy, attraction, repulsion, egoism and pride.
  3. Guru is ONLY for those who are seeking to progress on a spiritual path, those who are quite disgusted with the worldly life, those who understand all the joys of life are temporary and are searching for an eternal happiness. Just as a silk-worm is caught in its own cocoon, so also man is caught in this vast net of samsara (worldly life) by his own Sankalpas (thoughts and notions) and Vasanas (subtle desires). God helps those who wish to release themselves from the bondage. God ends the cycle of birth and death for those who seek him and help them attain the eternal Bliss.

It you belong to the third category above please continue to read below.

Please note: 100% of initial progress happens only in a subtle manner. God will not appear before the seeker magically to guide him/her. He will be silently walking with you, providing a helping hand when you are tired or if you fall down. You have to walk each step of your journey. We have created a mess of life, it is we who must clean it to enjoy the bliss. He is there to help.  

Also note - Every divine journey is unique in each aspect. There is absolutely no similarity between two journeys. Here is my own divine journey. Yours will be entirely different than mine.

Are you ready for efforts of Decades?
The second most important question: Are you searching for a Guru who can awaken your Kundalini so that you will get divine and spiritual experiences within few days, week or months? Are you expecting Self-Realization (liberation) in few years?

If your answer is yes, then you are on a wrong path. Spiritual path is ONLY for those who are willing to do efforts for several decades; consistent, untiring efforts of several decades without any measurable gains. Spirituality is about applying Yoga in day to day life. It is about application and not reading or gaining the knowledge. Please understand well - This is extremely difficult.

Guru does not do anything that your eyes can see or intelligence can perceive. Guru is beyond human perception, logic and understanding. Guru does not teach anything, it is the seeker who has to learn from the Guru.

Siddha Yoga or any Yoga for that matter is ONLY for those who carry ability to do efforts in the long term. Do not follow Siddha Yoga or any Yoga if your timeline is of few months or years. Path of Self-Realization is NOT for YOU, Period! It’s only for those who can think in terms of decades and lives without noticeable differences.

Spiritual path is extremely deceptive. Many times it appears that one hasn't travelled any distance at all while in reality they have traveled a huge distance on the path. On the other hand, when Sadhak thinks he has travelled a lot, in reality he hasn't moved even a bit. In short, leave the progress to the divine, leave the wheel and driver's seat for the Divine. You are in good hands, he knows the road better than you. If you wish to reach the destination, just be a passenger, keep doing Sadhana and leave everything else to him. When you take the driver's seat you are bound to go in the wrong direction most of the times.
How do you prepare to receive grace from the Guru?
Let me start with a view by Swami Sivananda:

“People want to have contact with an Avatara (divine incarnation) without being endowed with the proper qualifications. Even if an Avatara appears before you, you will not be able to recognize him. You have not got the eyes to see him. You will take him for an ordinary man. It is only a saint who can recognize a saint. Only a Jesus can understand a Jesus. Even if you live with a saint for a considerable time, you will not be able to fathom or know him. A beginner on a spiritual path should have various upa-gurus (assistant gurus). He must prepare himself gradually. He must get spiritual instructions from them. He must follow their instructions strictly. He should make himself fit to approach a Brahma-nistha Guru (a guru who is already established in Brahman). He should practice meditation and he should see the Lord in meditation. 

But nowadays people want to practice a comfortable yoga, lying in an easy chair. They do not want to practice any vigorous tapas (penance) or Sadhana (spiritual discipline). They expect everything to come by the grace of the Guru. They even seem to expect him to place Self-realization before them, like a ready-made betel leaf—so they can just take it and swallow it easily! All saints and Yogis are ready to receive you with outstretched hands and love—if you have the real eyes to behold them, if you have the real heart to unite with them, if you have the real earnestness and longing to be in their company, if you have a real thirsting for God-realization—and if you are really hungry to eat the sweet divine manna of the illimitable domain of bliss of the Self.

Do not dig shallow pits here and there for obtaining water, for the pits will dry up soon. Dig a very deep pit in one place and centralize all your efforts here. You will find good water that can supply you throughout the year. Even so, try to imbibe thoroughly the spiritual teachings from one preceptor alone. Drink deeply from one man. Sit at his feet for some years. It is useless to wander from one man to another out of curiosity, losing faith in a short time. Do not have the ever-changing mind of a prostitute, but follow the spiritual instructions of one man only. If you go to several people and follow the instructions of many persons, you will become quite bewildered and be in a dilemma.”

Please Note: Seed will germinate only when the soil is carefully prepared and watered for the seed. Seed will not germinate in rock (spiritual body which is not ready for spiritual progress.) In the same way seed of Shaktipat Deeksha will germinate only in the faithful ones. 

We made God wait for several lives. We walked in the wrong direction for several lives. Let's give at least one life to walk in the right direction. People feel God gives experiences in few week or months. It does not work that way. You have unleashed Tufan (Hurricane) of mind for several lives. It will take several lives to calm it down, that too when you do tremendous efforts...God is there to help if you can show him you can walk long distances in the right direction. Path of divinity is extremely difficult. As I have written above: 99% of people give-up the Divine path because their misunderstanding about the God.

Preparing the mind is the key to success in spirituality...Seed (Deeksha) will arrive on its own when soil is ready. Guru will come to you when you are ready. A fruit when ripe must fall from the tree, it's natures' law. He cannot wait when seeker is ready to receive. Let me give my personal example. When I visited my Guru for the first time in 1985 I never asked for a Shaktipat Deeksha, nor did he tell me he is giving Shaktipat. He just did it! Even after 30 years of efforts I haven''t been able to grasp 0.01% of what he gave me that day. I have acquired "0" knowledge about divinity after efforts from several births. There is no communication with God or Guru. It is not possible. It is only the experience. Words and description are worthless on the path of Divine.

The fact is Guru always finds the seeker. Seeker never finds a Guru. This is because no human being is capable of identifying a Guru. Only a Jivanmukta (liberated one) can recognize a Guru. Mudh (person with stupefied state of mind - essentially everyone) cannot find a Guru. So, never try to find a Guru. Never ever search for a Guru. He will find you out.

Guru is NOT a Teacher. Teacher Teaches, Guru Never Teaches. Seeker is supposed to learn from the Guru through observation and efforts. Not through his words but through his actions and wisdom. Never try to find a Guru. He (or she) will come after you when you are ready!

Swami Sivananda says "Place your foot, step by step, very cautiously, on the different rungs of the ladder of yoga. Ascend very gradually to the summit. Be earnest in your Sadhana (practice). Equip yourself with the necessary qualifications. Do not waste your time in search of a preceptor. When you are ready, you will enter the halls of wisdom. And there, waiting on the threshold, you will find your preceptor."

Having read all this, if you feel you are ready to continue with search of a Guru, please read following pages. Don't be in a hurry. Help yourself to enable God help you.
Shaktipat Gurus: Siddha Gurus to Awaken Kundalini Shakti
Following page would help in your search:

Shaktipat Gurus: Siddha Gurus to Awaken Kundalini Shakti
Most of the people have issue of location and distance. No worries. Following link will help.

Can I take remote Shaktipat Deeksha? Is remote Shaktipat effective?

Beyond this there is lot more information available for serious seekers in following sections

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Also visit: Questions and Answers when you have doubts

Best of luck in your search for the God!!!

QUOTE: Dalai Lama, when asked about what surprised him most about human, answered "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recapture his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to dies, and then dies having never really lived."

All the words you read on this website are a divine gift of my Guru PP Srinivas (Dada) Nakhate Maharaj. I am just an instrument, pen in the hands of the divine, dog by the side of the owner!! My life has been touched by the God, I wish yours does too!
P P Srinivas (Dada) Nakhate Maharaj
This website is devoted to my Param Pujya Shri Guru PP Srinivas (Dada) Nakhate Maharaj

Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Everyone should follow one Yoga as their primary Yoga (based on their character). Then we must combine Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This “Yoga Synthesis” will lead one to the God.
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Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Shaktipat Yoga, Maha Yoga, Shakti Yoga or Kriya Yoga