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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

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Karma contradictions: Karma result of Jiva's actions or Gods grace?

Which statement is true? "Not a single leaf can be moved without God's grace/wish " OR "As you sow, so shall you reap " OR "ITS WE CREATING OUR KARMA, HOW WE CAN THROW IT ON ALMIGHTY" OR SHRI KRISHNA, TOLD IN GITA, THAT HE DON'T TAKE ANY PART IN CREATING OR DESTROYING PRARBDA OF HUMAN BEINGS...... Raghav J (Name changed), India
OCD: I am very troubled by thoughts, have mental illness - OCD

I am very troubled by thoughts and have a mental illness - OCD. My mind generates fearful thoughts such as being attacked. I would like a Guru to help me. Can you recommend what to do for help in OCD? I am a 48 year old male who had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening around age 30. It lasted about a week, but was the most profound experience of ..... Larry (Name changed), USA
God protects & helps in Material (Samsaric) problems of Bhakta (seeker)

Warm Greetings! I have been a regular recipient on email of your wonderful articles / Siddhayoga e-Yoga letters. I cannot thank you enough for them. Coming straight to the question I have: I am an engineer and have a small manufacturing unit of consumer products...... Rahul (Name changed), India
Do Career and Desires conflict with spirituality?

I have a question. I have a desire to progress in my career but at the same time I want to spiritually progress and attain the ultimate goal i.e. self-realization and Moksha (liberation). I have a Guru and have taken Shaktipat Deeksha and I do practice meditation and following the teachings. But the more I read and understand, until and unless all..... Aadhya (Name changed), USA
Anger Management: How to control anger?

QUESTION 1: Out of Kam (lust), Krodh (anger), Lobh and Moha (attachment), I feel that my Krodh (anger) is biggest obstacle in my spiritual journey. When I was in school I used to get angry once in 2-3 years. When I was in job I used to get angry once in 2-3 months. But now I am doing business and my intensity and frequency of getting angr..... Pratiksha & Manasi (Name changed), india
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Question-Answers: Hinduism, God, Kundalini/Siddha yoga, Kriya, Meditation, Chakra, Nadi, Spirituality and more...

Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Everyone should follow one Yoga as their primary Yoga (based on their character). Then we must combine Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This “Yoga Synthesis” will lead one to the God.
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Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Shaktipat Yoga, Maha Yoga, Shakti Yoga or Kriya Yoga