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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: Kundalini is my Guru: Do I need Guru? Is Guru must for realization of God?
My outlook on the material world changed a lot in the past few years. First of all I should say I am married with stepchildren. I brought them up as my own, I never had any issues as to wether or not we were blood related, love is love. Workwise I am a self employed craftsman. We used to live in a big house, a kind of status symbol, it was here that my kundalini activated but I only understand that now. One day whilst sitting in the hairdressers it just came to me to sell up and buy a place in the country where we could live an ecologically friendly life in harmony with nature, and we did! We bought a farmhouse with land, the house was in terrible condition but we moved in anyway. Because of the economic crisis our other house did not sell and we went from living in a posh house with money to living in squalid conditions with literally no money and debt. It was a very scary and difficult time but the nature around us was beautiful and it was during this period that my kundalini awakened. Alcohol and ego used to be big in my life, the ego problems just went away and I worked hard to change my alcohol habit. I was never a mad whiskey drinking wife beater, but I loved a few beers after work:) I havn't completely given up alcohol but it's very much under control, I can take it or leave it. As for attachment to possessions, I have some nice musical instruments but these days I see them more as spiritual tools. So there you have it, I have a family, I work with wood, grow my own veg and play some music, that's about it!

Brendan (Name changed), Europe

This discussion about the necessity of a Guru is a continuation from my earlier discussion with Brendan - I have awakened kundalini for 2 years. Should I do yoga or meditation? and his incredible divine experiences

Dear Brendan,

Your primary concern in the email was about the need of a Guru – “My only concern is what you say about the Guru…After this I decided to be guided just by my Kundalini and the inner Guru. Is an external Guru really necessary?”

DO I need a Guru?

Let me first tell you that I was very encouraged by the details about how your view “on the material world changed a lot in the past few years”. Your following statement gave me a divine joy – “I have some nice musical instruments but these days I see them more as spiritual tools.”

Now, let me go back to your concern about the Guru and try to explain in detail if and why Guru is necessary and also why you need not seek a Guru (in fact how the Guru will eventually seek you).

“Is an external Guru really necessary” – Technical answer is "Yes, a Guru is necessary". But good part is you don’t have to be even a bit concerned on this topic of Guru. You are doing your part the best and you should not even think of a Guru or “seek” an external Guru. It is the Guru’s job to “seek” you…and sure the Guru (he or she or they) eventually will.

At what point of time Guru will be required? That depends on your future travel on this path (and difficulties you may face, if any). One thing you should rest assured about - You will be graced by a Guru if and when the need arises. You on your part need NOT even think of this event or feel you need one. What you said is perfectly correct – “Kundalini is your Guru” and the "Shakti" is doing her job absolutely perfectly. She has shown you the path wonderfully well and she is carrying out the changes necessary for your progress (material and spiritual both)

You need not seek a Guru, but Guru will seek you

Therefore, you SHOULD NOT SEEK the Guru, but Guru will SEEK you (Guru will come to you where ever and whenever necessary.) This Guru may be one or many individuals (in physical form or otherwise). So what I am trying to say is you should NOT do ANY effort to find the Guru but the Guru will find you when need arises...and interestingly, sometimes you may not even know that you were helped (and that is not required either.)

Your future travel: A beautiful journey to the God

Having said this let me explain your future travel (from the stage where you are currently in the path of Siddha yoga). This is not a prophecy or future telling, but this is how you are supposed to travel as long as you continue doing your meditation regularly and you do not deviate from this beautiful journey to the God. This is just an outline and not the details or the manner of the travel. There may be several deviations too.

Let’s go back to your statement “I have some nice musical instruments but these days I see them more as spiritual tools”. In the past life you derived joy by playing those instruments. These days you see them more as spiritual tools. There may be already the time (or there will be) to get the same joy you will not even need to play them. Their presence itself (or just seeing at them) will give you the same joy of playing. Eventually, you will not even need to see them to have that joy. Just the knowledge of them being their will give you the same joy and going beyond that stage, you wont need even that knowledge to get that joy.

I used your example of musical instruments, but this will be the case with many things in the life. This is how the progress will take place (assuming everything else remains the same - primarily your consistency of meditation.) Your past karma may bring some periods of disturbances but they will be overcome with the help of Kundalini (and Guru’s grace)

Your inner bonds with the material world will start diminishing

Simultaneously your inner bonds with the material world (attachment or desires) will start diminishing slowly (they already have.)

As your progress on this path continues, there will a day (may be this life or the life thereafter) where you will start seeing spiritual (God's) presence in everything that you do. In the stages thereafter you will experience the same about every individual (starting from your family members to the people whom you don’t even know)...then would be a stage where you will feel the same divine presence in everything in the world including people and things and everything else that may be living or otherwise.

You will experience divine presence everywhere

Since you are experiencing divine presence everywhere you will have nothing left to do in the life (but you will still continue to do all your duties). At this stage you will not have human emotions (Vikars) "love" or "hate" or "anger" towards anyone – based on the attachments. The only thing you will have would be the Divine "love" and the neutrality of all being equal, same and divine. Even if you come across a hardened criminal you will still have the "Divine" love towards that individual, just the same as you have towards your child. THIS IS the union of the SHIVA and SHAKTI. This is your union with the BRAMHA. Everything is same beyond this point the only thing that is left is "Eternal bliss"

This is the true spiritual progress. This is the reason I always say "Ignore the experiences because they are not the God. The changes in the life "the way you feel the universal principal" are important steps to God, not the experiences.

At this point of time your travel WITH YOUR OWN EFFORTS will probably come to an end..rest of your journey will be taken care of by the God (or your Guru). Such person (you) still has the bigger responsibility and role to play beyond this point - To help others show the path to the God. There is only the Bliss beyond this point. So there is not much I can write about the state...simply because there is nothing left to achieve. It is all bliss...and there are no words that can explain anything. I just tried to put it into words, but it is beyond the words and human perception.

Also take care there will be many difficulties on your path towards salvation like material issues, doubts, non-clarities and finally the siddhis (never ever get caught in those siddhies..they are your biggest enemy.) Siddhis will be your last test by the ultimate principal (God) to keep you away from him. IGNORE THEM AND NEVER USE THEM FOR ANY PURPOSE WHAT-SO-EVER unless your Guru permits you to at some point of time.

Hope I was able to explain in less boring way.

Let me know if some parts are still unexplained.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Kundalini is my Guru: Do I need Guru? Is Guru must for realization of God? Topics: Kundalini and Guru, Spritual Master, God

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