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Extremely Rare Photos of Original Swami (Atma) Padukas

All Padukas below were worn (or gifted) by Swami Samarth Himself during his stay at Akkakkot from 1856 to 1878. Therefore, they are extremely important for all Swami Bhaktas. Story of each Paduka is given below the pictures.
Swami Original Paduka in Akkalkot Math
Swami samarth original paduka swami  threw at chollappa     Swami paduka guru purnima travel citisOriginal swami samartha paduka swami threw at chollappa    Swami paduka guru purnima travel citis    

All the above paduka photos are from Swami Samarth Math at Chollappa Maharaj's house, Guru Mandir and Paduka Math in Akkalkot
Paduka given by Swami to Chollappa Maharaj (at Akkalkot)
Swami samarth original paduka swami  threw at chollappa     Original swami samartha paduka swami threw at chollappa     Swami paduka guru purnima travel citis
When Swami Samarth arrived in Akkalkot he had stayed at Chollappa’s house for several days where he did many miracles. Later on King of Akkalkot Sansthan Shri Maloji Raje started sending Rs 5 every month to Cholappa to take care of Swami Samarth. Cholappa wanted to leave his family for Swami Maharaj but Swami did not want him to. When Chollappa started following, Swami told him “I am an ascetic. Do not follow me. Go home and take care of your family”. Swami threw his leather Sandals at Chollappa and told him to go back home. These Padukas (sandals) are currently preserved at Cholappa’s house in Akkalkot.
On the occasion of Shri Guru Purnima every year these Padukas are taken out (in a wooden box) to various towns and cities in Maharashtra. These Pedukas also visit my Sadguru PP Srinivas (Dada) Nakhate Maharaj's house in Pune every year. I was fortunate enough to see these Padukas personally at my Sadguru's place in 1998. You can still see them at Akkalkot.
Paduka given by Swami to his devotee Shri Anandnath Maharaj from Vengurla, north of Goa
Aatma paduka given by swami to anand maharaj    Atma paduka that came from swami samartha's mouth     Atma paduka from swami samartha mouth full iamge
These Padukas were given by Swami to his devotee Shri Anandnath Maharaj who had stayed with Swami for six years at Akkalkot. He used to compose Bhajans in praise of Swami and sing them before him. He always used to move in Digambar Form (sans clothes). Thereafter, Maharaj directed him to move out of Akkalkot. Anandnath Maharaj asked for Prasad from Maharaj. Swami was very pleased with Anandnath Maharaj and Atma Padukas emerged from his mouth. Since the Padukas emerged from Swami’s mouth they are called Atma-Paduka or Svamukh Atmaling Paduka. Swami gave them to Anandnath Maharaj as his Prasad.

These are miniature – about half inch in size. In it, there is a Darshan of Shri Swami's lotus feet. Thanks of Swami’s Bhakta in Australia who sent me these photos. Zoom in to the photo & you can clearly see Swami’s lotus feet which are Svamukh Atmaling Paduka.

Even though they are small in size (half inch), each and every line of Padukas is visible in it. The Padukas are placed on a Tulsi (Indian basil) leaf in a Taamhan (plate) full of water every day. One can view the Paduka only in the early morning sunrays. People from different places arrive to Swami Math in Dhawade Village (Maharashtra) to take Darshan of these holy Padukas. Till now, no one has been able to identify the material from which the Padukas are made.
Paduka given by Swami to Swamisut from Mumbai
These Padukas (on the right) were worn by Swami for 14 days and later on give to Hanbhau Tawade Khot who came to be known as Swamisut (Swami’s son).

Here is story about these Padukas: Swamisut was Swami’s closes devotee. Swami told him “You sacrifice your family and become my son, Go now and come back with white - bright thing”. Harbhau was stunned and left speechless; he did not understand the meaning of the white-bright thing.. Haribhau asked "What is white and bright?" Swami put forth His Feet. Harbhau immediately understood what He meant was Sandals made of silver! Per Swami’s desire he prepared the silver Padukas in Mumbai and came back to Akkalkot. Sri Swamiji wore those Padukas for fourteen days. Every devotee was strongly desirous of getting those Padukas. Eventually, Sri Swamiji announced, “This is my Atmalinga. I will not give this to anybody”. Sri Swami Samarth called Haribhau and spoke to him “You are my son (sut). You forget your job, house, family and raise a Muth in Mumbai and hoist my flag”. Then Sri Swami took the Padukas, touched his entire body with the Padukas, and then gave Haribhau these sacred Padukas and his saffron dress.

After coming to Mumbai, he resigned from the job and donated all gold ornaments of his wife Tarabai, to the poor. Himself wearing a saffron dress, his wife wearing white saree, they started Swami mission in Mumbai by establishing Swami Math at Kandewadi. A number of devotees who went to Akkalkot, were directed by Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj to go to Shree Swamisut Maharaj at Kandewadi Muth, Mumbai and the devotees used to get their wishes fulfilled. Later on thousands of devotees started flocking at this Muth.

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Currently these Padukas are in Chembur, Mumbai Swami Math.
चेंबूर मठातील स्वामींनी वापरलेल्या आत्मलिंग पादुका : या आत्मलिंग पादुका श्री स्वामी समर्थांनी स्वामीसुत म्हणजेच हरीभाऊंना दिल्या होत्या. सुरुवातीला या पादुका कामाठीपुरा येथील स्वामींच्या मठात होत्या कालांतराने या आत्मलिंग पादुका चेंबूर येथील मठात नेण्यात आल्य. या पादुका देताना स्वामींनी स्वामिसुतांना सांगितले होते कि , ”दिलेल्या आत्मलिंगाची नीट व्यवस्था करावी. बंदर किनाऱ्यावर जाउन भक्तीसंप्रदायाची ध्वजा उभी करावी." त्यानुसार स्वामीसूतांनी निष्ठेने व प्रामाणिकतने स्वामी भक्त संप्रदायाची ध्वजा उभारली. त्यांच्या पश्चात स्वामीसुतांचे वंशज नलावडे कुटुंबीय हि जबाबदारी समर्थपणे पेलत आहे.

Swami samarth atmaling paduka given by swami to swamisut in chembur mumbai
Paduka given by Swami to Kirtankar Mate bua

Original Padukas given by Swami to Mate bua      
Shri Ramkrishna Bua Mate from Pune was a great devotee of Swami Samarth. He was also a Vendanta scholar and a Kirtankar. When he visited Akkalkot he used to do Kirtan for a week in presence of Swami. Thousands of people in Akkalkot used to attend his Kirtans. Swami used to like Mate boa's Kirtans too.

Once Ramkrishna Bua was narrating the ‘Kirtan’ he uttered “Who will deliver me from the bonds of this worldly ocean?” Sri Swami was seated on a throne in front of him. Swami lowered his right feet and Mate Buwa prostrated before Swami and embraced the lotus feet of Sri Swami and said “These lotus feet are capable of delivering me from the bonds of this worldly ocean”. Swami showered his kind grace on Mate Bua.

These (on the left) are the Paduka given by Swami Samarth to Shri Ramkrishna Bua Mate in one of his visits to Akkalkot

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Appeal to Swami Bhaktas

I wish to publish information and photos of all Swami Paduka's in various locations in India. If you have a Swami Paduka near you please send me few photos and details about the ashram (Contact me). I will be happy to publish it on this website so more and more people can have Swami Paduka Darshan.

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