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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: When can I excel in my job? Is God with me?
When can I excel in my job? Is God behind me?

Prabhu (Name changed), India

Excelling in job is fully dependent on your actions. It all depends on display of your performance and skills at work. Generally the excellence of an individual is directly related to their skills and knowledge on the job (nothing else.) Getting promotions (result of your current actions) is partially dependent on your past karma and your present actions (performance and skills). God has NO interest (absolutely ZERO) in your job or your material life, unless you show interest in God’s path – which involves going away from material things and reducing attachments to desires of me and mine.

God is with everyone who wants him to be with them.

At the same time, God rarely interferes in people’s material life. In fact, God NEVER interferes in material life of those who do not believe in him (or have tremendous doubts about God’s present in their life.) God neither punishes people not does he reward them. Good and bad things in human life are the direct result of their Prabdha karma (part of the total Karmic account brought forward in this life). This is the case of most of the people in the world (who carry little faith in God and many doubts in his presence in their minds). Therefore, most of the people continue to live life of misery and sufferings.

To live a good life, every man should have a comprehensive understanding of God’s laws (law of Karma), and its operations. If man acquires this karmic knowledge and puts it into practice, then he can pull on in this world smoothly and happily. He can utilize the helping forces to serve his ends in the best possible manner. He can neutralize the hostile or antagonistic currents. Just as the fish swims against the current, so also he will be able to go against the hostile currents by adjusting himself properly and safeguarding himself through suitable precautionary methods. God helps those (to some extent) who understand and apply the law of Karma in their life.

In absence of knowledge of functioning of God’s system (Law of karma) man becomes a slave (of his desires). He is tossed around here and there helplessly by various currents in his present life. Various hostile forces (generated because of his past actions) drag him in different directions. He drifts like a wooden plank on the flowing water. He always leads a miserable and unhappy life even if he has all the wealth and possessions in this world.

At the same time, God DOES interfere (in a good way) in the material life of those who are travelling or have desire to travel the path towards God. This interference (in the form of help) is only to remove obstacles in man’s path towards the divine and to provide him the assurance of the divine presence and support in his life.

God will walk with you and remove the obstacles, but it is you who must walk each and every step. God will help you in difficult times, but not in day to day life. You must learn to live your own successful life.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: When can I excel in my job? Is God with me? Topics: God and Happiness

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