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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: Why Divine Spirit limits grace? Why there is no peace?
I have a profound question. In my spiritual quest for understanding, I have reached a powerful understanding, yet it is one that offers me little peace. Here it is: Grace is the True Source of Happiness because Grace leads to Faith, Trust, Wisdom, Healing and all that is good.

On the other side, the "Lack of Grace" or "Withholding of Grace" is the source of suffering because without Grace, one cannot have happiness. There is only darkness, ignorance, and this leads to a lack of trust, violence, strife, war, and all kinds of terrible things. This seems to be the dilemma humanity faces - because those blessed by Grace are well and protected and those not blessed by Grace are those who suffer and who get involved in all kinds of terrible incidents.

Why would Divine Spirit offer so much grace to some and limit the grace and protection for others? Truly hard to understand. And it seems perhaps that all the prayers of noble souls has not done much because the world is much worse off than it was say 20 years ago. The violence and strife is much worse today than when I left college. What are your thoughts on this?

Jessica (Name changed), USA

Here are my quick thoughts:

In my view, God’s grace is infinite and he offers it absolutely infinitely to all those who seek it. His grace is never withdrawn from anyone, not even from the criminals or sinners. God does not offer no special treatment to anyone, not even to those who are close to him or far away from him.

God is like Ocean and his grace is like infinite supply of water. Ocean (God) does not go to people to offer them water (his grace). It is people who have to approach ocean (God) to receive the water (his grace). Ocean (God) does not stop anyone from taking water (receiving his grace).

Receiving God’s grace is our choice. How much grace one can receive? Only as much the size of the pot one carries. Therefore, how much grace one receives is completely dependent on one’s ability (Sadhana, faith and depth of surrender)

God does not play any role in giving any specialized grace to selected ones. Absolutely Not! (but there is exception to this rule for those who are walking towards the Divine – a seeker)

In addition to the above, God’s kingdom works on two basic laws:

1) God gives absolute freedom for individuals to perform their actions (thought, speech and physical actions). God never interferes in any life cycle. (But there is exception - He interferes only when we give him the intense call for help. When he interferes we call it as a miracle.)

2) Along with the absolute freedom God also has set the law of Karma. Everything works as per law of Karma. Again, God abides by his own laws (therefore he does not bend the laws and give special treatment to anyone.) Everyone gets exactly what they deserve (per their Karma). Even the Jivanmukta (liberated soul) has to go thru their cycle of Karma. Both God and Jivanmukta have absolute control to change the Karma, still none of them changes it. Yogi Shri Raman Maharshi and Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa both died of Cancer. Both of them could have changed it still they did not.

God does not make one suffer for no reason nor does He make one happy for no reason. God is fair and gives you exactly what you deserve.

Karma is not punishment or retribution but simply an expression or consequence of natural acts. Although it may often appear like a punishment (or reward), the purpose of Karma is to perfectly follow the cosmic law (God’s system of Universal operation) and not to punish (or reward).

We build a wall of Maya (grand illusion of mind) around us that keep us away from the God. It is we who must break the wall to reach the God. God may help some times (not all the times)

About peace: There will NO peace until you have a mind. Mind needs to be destroyed completely (surrender at the feet of God) to attain the peace (Bliss). This is when Yogi’s will is merged with the God’s will. Yogi no more carries his own mind or will. This is a state of Jivanmukta, state of eternal bliss. (Call it happiness or peace if you want).

Jivanmukta is living by the ocean of peace. Jivanmukta is epitome of bliss.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Why Divine Spirit limits grace? Why there is no peace? Topics: God and Hindu, Gods, Veda

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