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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

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Get out of negative spiritual trap of A-Karma, start Karma

Don't know if this is the right question to put forth before you but since I am of the thinking that I can find an answer to it from you...so here it goes; I am a 20 year old girl in my graduation final year and I have planned to take up Law as my career and would proceed on to do a L.L.B next year. Now after much reading and comprehending the t..... Amodini (Name changed), USA
Why Divine Spirit limits grace? Why there is no peace?

I have a profound question. In my spiritual quest for understanding, I have reached a powerful understanding, yet it is one that offers me little peace. Here it is: Grace is the True Source of Happiness because Grace leads to Faith, Trust, Wisdom, Healing and all that is good. On the other side, the "Lack of Grace" or "Withholding of Gr..... Jessica (Name changed), USA
By helping sufferers aren't we impairing God's Karma plans?

Thank you for replying with your valuable answer. I read about your article concerning Karma and its cycle and how God is not involved in it. But when a person comes across another person who might be Poverty-stricken or may be maimed or suffering from any sort of pain or agony either mental or physical, it is the said persons Karma. But if the obs..... Amodini (Name changed), USA
SOS, I am in a mess. Kriyas obstructed by unknown negative force

I am in a mess. Presently, my spiritual progress is obstructed by some unknown negative force. I reach near oneness and unification and thoughtless state of mind, but some obstacle from within obstructs. I crave for my unity still I am at a loss. Is this normal? I am for this reason in a psychological mess and unstable. Please consider this as SOS ..... Raman (Name changed), India
Who can attain Self-Realization or Moksha?

I have two questions: Is it normal on the path of spiritual progress to lose interest in marital life, luxuries and view everything as vanity? I am a devotee of Swami Samarth, Sai Baba and Ganesh. In the past two years I have started to lose affinity for things that people and society consider absolutely essential (like a great career or ..... Aniket (Name changed), India
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Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Everyone should follow one Yoga as their primary Yoga (based on their character). Then we must combine Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This “Yoga Synthesis” will lead one to the God.
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Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Shaktipat Yoga, Maha Yoga, Shakti Yoga or Kriya Yoga