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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: OCD: I am very troubled by thoughts, have mental illness - OCD
I am very troubled by thoughts and have a mental illness - OCD. My mind generates fearful thoughts such as being attacked. I would like a Guru to help me. Can you recommend what to do for help in OCD?

I am a 48 year old male who had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening around age 30. It lasted about a week, but was the most profound experience of my life. Can I receive Shaktipat to reactivate my Kundalini?

Thank you.

Larry (Name changed), USA

About Shaktipat Deeksha and Kundalini Shaktipat Guru there is some info here....lot to read Smiley Face Common questions about God, Yoga, Divinity, Kundalini & Material World

Please note: Even though I am fortunate to have Guru I don’t recommend others to follow the Guru path (though it is extremely important to have a Guru in the path of divinity). In the current Kali Yuga (Iron age) it is very difficult and especially with so many fake Gurus around I sincerely suggest all to stay away from Gurus until one clearly understands what is required of you in this path. This is because Guru does not do anything, he does not even teach. It is the follower that is supposed to learn everything. More specific discussion is here: I am searching for ShaktiPat Guru, Kundalini, I want to see God

About your question: "I am very troubled by thoughts and have a mental illness - OCD. My mind generates fearful thoughts such as being attacked. I would like a Guru to help me."

Here are my views:

Most of the people in the world (including me) are troubled by almost every kind of thought. Your OCD is just a higher degree of that "troubled-ness" and pains that "mind" inflicts upon us. Most of us who have outward going minds are not even aware of it. We keep feeding the "Tiger" (mind) that ultimately feeds on us....and the cycle continues. So you are no different than others who successfully hide their issues from the outside world but keep burning inside. In fact you are accepting it and you wish to change it. That is a lot better than those who live superficial worldly life and are not even aware of the problem. No one in the world (except a Jivanmukta – a liberated one) can escape thought unless they can successfully deviate the mind away from a thought.

Every though creates a ripple in the lake of mind and every ripple converts into a wave. Many such waves disturb the lake of mind. Mind is like a boiling pot or a restless monkey. Most people have agitated minds and are not even aware of it. Those who are aware of it cannot do anything about it. OCD is just the next level of this state of disturbance.

In the world of divinity there are two ways to handle your OCD:

1) Learning Vedic way of living. This option is on the side of faith in God and not necessary everyone can adopt it. So I won’t suggest you go that route.

Why? I could have told you several options to reduce OCD but your name suggests that you are from the western world. It will be difficult for you to develop faith in Hindu Gurus. I am not saying it is impossible for you or not-impossible for Hindus; but since they have grown-up with these thoughts they can adopt the way easily (relatively). For western oriented individual he/she has to start learning at entirely different level and that is little hard. If you really want to go that route, then first thing is you will need to do is stop eating meat (this is just a start) and that may not be a simple option for you. If you wish to try this approach please visit Scary experience section in Divine experiences page, there I have suggested Updasana that would help you. Also visit Bhakti Yoga and miracle cure on my website. Be aware though, these are difficult to follow.

2) Second option is: To approach the issue by strengthening your mind. Let me say the other way, strengthening the mind by weakening the thoughts that hurt you.

In this approach you use reflections by Non-living Gurus like Shri Ramana Maharshi, Swami Sivananda, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and there are several other Gurus and Avatars from the past.

Here is an example:

Question: “What is the meaning of the strength of the mind?” Sri Ramana Maharshi: “It is ability to concentrate on one thought without being distracted.”

“What is fear? It is only a thought. What is anger, lust, jealousy? They are merely thoughts that eventually trouble you. These thoughts always stay inside you and they are never harmful to the person whom you are angry with, lustful of or jealous about. In short Your though about others is your pain, not of others.”

In OCD your mind is crowded with fearful, absurd, incoherent thoughts. You take everything around you too seriously. The fact is everything that you see in the external world is very short living, perishable and therefore not-Real. Why sweat over the world that is not real? It is hard to digest though.

To reduce OCD effect what you have to do is to crowd your mind with divine thoughts that will eventually reduce painful and fearful thoughts. I have already discussed several threads on the topic of mind. You may want to refer to those (especially the Q and A section)

Only thing I suggest you do is to contemplate on everything that is given on my website (and several other resources available on the web). Everything is written with objective of helping the common man to attain the peace, happiness, joy and eventually the eternal bliss.

Always remember:

A devotional mind is on the right way (that eventually rests in peace and happiness). A wandering mind is on the wrong way (that is agitated with every new thought that enters the mind)

If you want to crowd your mind with good thoughts and eventually release yourself from OCD then I would suggest you to 1) Keep reading devotional thoughts 2) Subscribe for eYoga on the site 3) Subscribe for Daily Quotes and Spiritual Reflections in Facebook 4) Try to adopt these thoughts in your daily life. Spirituality is all about “doing” and not about listening. Very difficult to follow but this will provide a permanent solution for OCD….eventually.

Wishing best in your fight against OCD!!

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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