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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: I wish to meet person with awakened (jagrit) kundalini (Guru)
I am yet to meet a person with jagrit kundalini. Have any one alive now has jagrit kundalini? Please let me know if I can meet him/her. Pranam

Pramod (Name changed), India

You asked: “Have any one alive now has jagrit kundalini”

My simple answer is: No one has exact count, but YES, there are at least several hundreds of thousands of people that have their kundalini awakened.

You also asked: “Please let me know if I can meet him/her”

Answer: You have already met several such people in your life. They are no different than ordinary people we meet every day.

Now, let me address this in details:

Kundalini awakening is the first step in the long journey to the God

First and foremost important: There is nothing great about people whose kundalini has awakened. There are thousands and thousands of people having their kundalini awakened either because their guru has awakened their kundalini or their past karma (efforts in the past lives in the path of one of the yogas or because of the simple devotion towards the God) has their kundalini awakened.

Please note: Kundalini awakening is JUST THE FIRST STEP in a very long journey to the God spanning over several lives. (There may be exceptions where an individual travels very fast within a short span of few decades or one life, but here I am talking about an average individual like me and you.)

Kundalini awakening is not the enlightenment or Moksha

Kundalini awakening DOES NOT BRING the awareness or enlightenment of the God in one day. Kundalini is just a tool given to an individual (by their Guru) to help make the travel easier. The sadhak (devotee) will still need to take conscious efforts to get away from the desires and vikars [What are vikars? - Kama (Lust), Krodh (Rage or uncontrolled anger), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment or emotional attachment) and Ahankar (ego)] and travel through five layers of existence (annamay kosh, pranamay kosh, manomay kosh, vigyanmay kosh and finally the annamaya kosa)

Also please note: As it happens, generally, many of those whose kundalini has awakened do not do enough efforts or practice meditation, and eventually go back to the “mudhawastha” or stupefied state of mind (Maya – where veil of Ignorance prevails), which is common to an average individual, in absence of efforts to attain the God. (The Mudha plane is that wherein the mind is in a state of sleep and impotence on account of Tamo gun.)

To give you the exact difference: Consider those NOT having awakened kundalini as those who are walking on the street and those HAVING their kundalini awakened as driving the car. The car is the tool given to that individual. But if that individual does not drive that car in the right direction and with proper efforts, it will not take them to the desired destination (the God.) At the same time those not having kundalini awakened (the walker on the street) can continue to walk slowly and with the determination in the right direction and with consistent efforts will reach the destination (the God) for sure. And the walker will also receive the car (kundalini awakening) sometime during his travel.

So what I am trying to say is: Kundalini awakening in itself is nothing great, it is the efforts and devotion of that individual that will ultimately take an individual to the Enlightenment or Chaitanya or Mukti or Super-Consciousness or St-Chit-Anand (call it God if you want) after efforts of several lives. Grace of the Guru (kundalini jagruti) will happen as one EVENT during this long process of attaining the God. From that point on (after kundalini jagrati) the progress of that individual will be faster as compared to the state of “mudhawastha” or kundalini suptaawatha (kundilini still in the sleeping at the base of muladhar charka).

In short what you should seek is a Guru - the person that has attained the muktaawastha (the enlightenment or the bliss) who is also capable awakening the kundalini of others and show them the path towards the God. Such people are extremely rare. They are the people whom we call as SAINTS. These are the people who have reached beyond the maya or the bonds of the life we live in. These are the ONLY people who can guide a seeker of the God to the God. And going even beyond, the Guru is the GOD.

My only suggestion to you would be, to please continue to do your efforts in the path of the God and try to seek a Guru who can guide you in your further travel. In my view - Guru is the GOD, in fact Guru is even beyond the GOD. God may have some limitations but Guru is boundless.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: I wish to meet person with awakened (jagrit) kundalini (Guru) Topics: Kundalini and Guru, Spritual Master, God

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