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Q & A: SOS, I am in a mess. Kriyas obstructed by unknown negative force
I am in a mess. Presently, my spiritual progress is obstructed by some unknown negative force. I reach near oneness and unification and thoughtless state of mind, but some obstacle from within obstructs. I crave for my unity still I am at a loss. Is this normal? I am for this reason in a psychological mess and unstable. Please consider this as SOS and attend it at the earlier.

Nearly 24 hours a day I have throbbing in my spine and something jumps from down to my throat region. I do not know what and why. Kundalini Kriyas are on constantly as I feel jumps in my spine to my throat. Sometimes during the jump is so powerful that I awake from sleep. That is the grace of hers (Kundalini) and my gratefulness only to whatever is happening. My son was watching once while the jump came and I nearly fell down. My family members are aware that nothing is wrong with me. One of the evolved Sadhak had told me that my sub-conscious mind will create hindrance once you will start reaching higher. He also told that for indefinite time I had been slave of sub-conscious mind and it knows everything. Naturally it will not allow me freedom from slavery. I am grateful to you for kind words.

Please, please do reply at your earliest.

Raman (Name changed), India

Do not worry. You are not in a mess nor has your progress obstructed by any negative force. Everything is normal. Don’t expect unification with the 'One' so soon. Your mind and impatience is cause of your disturbance. You are the cause of your obstruction. You have tested few moments of bliss and expecting bliss all the times (that is a state of self-realization.) It is not going to happen so easily and so early.

There are mountains of past Karma to be cleaned yet that is why some obstacle from within obstructs. Vrttis (thought waves) and obstacles will continue to come one after the other. That is your subconscious mind at work. It is a marvelous machine that you don’t know of. It is hundred times bigger than your conscious mind. Yes, your sub-conscious mind will create hindrance once you will start reaching higher. You have been slave of sub-conscious mind for how many births you don’t even know.

Yogis strive for several decades or lives for self-realization. You are expecting it to happen "now"? It is not going to happen. Your mind has traveled ages and ages and collected Samskaras (Karma impressions on mind - Trigunas) from several lives. It is not going to calm down so easily with Dhyan (meditation) of few years. You are fighting with a 1000 ton Gorilla, it is not going to be calmed down so easily. In fact, since you are trying to tame it, it is going to revolt against you. Everything is natural. This is how it is supposed to happen. Every Sadhak must go through this process. Please, try not to ride the roller-coaster of mind. Try to be an observer. Just watch her (Kundalini) play unfold before you. Let the Kriyas work out your past Karmas. There are 125,000 types of Kriyas or Spiritual Experiences, I cannot tell which ones will happen. Your journey has just begun. Now the battle is with the mind. This is the longest and most difficult phase of the Divine journey. Read my few statements on the home page - "Journey to God in nutshell"

Let Kundalini work at her pace (she is adjusting to your state because if she goes at her pace you will not be able to handle it.) Remember what Arjuna said to Lord Krishna when Lord showed Arjuna his real form - Vishwaroop Darshan? - It was scary for Arjuna. He could not deal with it. He told Lord Krishna please stop this and show me your normal form...because I am scared. (see the Vishwaroop Darshan details below)

Please try to understand - "Kundalini will take you on a wonderful journey or sometimes she will take you through jungles, sometimes she will just be sleeping and sometimes she will be mad (angry) at you. Sometimes the journey will be beautiful and sometime it will be scary." You are experiencing the same.

Do not expect it to be a smooth, beautiful and scenic journey always. You are going up the mountain; you will see valleys on the road, you will get scared. You are swimming against the current; you will face the opposition from the strong water currents (of mind).

The journey will be relatively smoother if you can stop associating yourself with the daily progress of Kundalini. You need to learn to be an observer - Just an observer. She will never abandon you (until you wish so.) You have only seen a drop of water. You took several lives to reach here. You are expecting to swim in the ocean of bliss with efforts of few years of Sadhana? It does not happen so easily. You have several more decades and lives to work out before you reach Nirvikalpa Samadhi (unconditioned state of super-consciousness.)

As long as you dont have physical trouble, you should not be worried. If your back pain returns (that you mentioned in last few emails) then you should visit a doctor.

Rest assured - God does take care of his Bhakta. People abandon others, God never does. Only thing is we dont understand his ways.

Your keywords are ‘Patience’ and ‘Be an observer’!

Hope this helps.

Mahendra Joshi

Following is for the readers who do not know Vishwaroop Darshan:

What is Vishwaroop Darshan?

Vishwaroop Darshan (divine universal form) refers to the ultimate God appearing in a form that incorporates the complete creation or Universe in it. Lord Krishna revealed Vishwaroop to Arjuna during the course of the discourse between them described in Bhagavad Geeta. Bhagavad Geeta (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11, Verse 9) describes the Vishwaroop Darshan as follows

“Lord Shri Krishna, the Almighty Prince of Wisdom, demonstrated to Arjuna the Supreme Form of the Great God, the Universal Form, Vishwaroop. The colossal and unimaginable form of the Lord was a true vision, comprising countless eyes and mouths and mystic forms innumerable, with glistening ornaments and blazing celestial weapons. The effulgence of that form was like that of a blazing fire of a thousand suns. It stood before him filling all space. It had faces on every side. Beholding that high and wonderful Vaishnava form of Vishnu, in act, seeing the Supreme Lord (in that guise), Arjuna became filled with wonder. The visionary form was crowned with divine garlands, clothed in shining garments, anointed with divine unction; Krishna demonstrated Himself as the Resplendent One, Marvellous, Unbounded and Omnipresent. "Could a thousand suns blaze forth together it would be but a faint reflection of the radiance of the Lord-God." In that lifetime vision Arjuna witnessed the universe, with its manifold shapes, all encompassed within One, its Supreme Lord. The universal form of Krishna, Vishwaroop was without beginning, without middle and without an end; He was infinite in His prowess, His arms all-embracing like the sun and moon and His eyes, His face was as if radiating with the fire of sacrifice, inundating the whole universe with light. Krishna alone had filled all the quarters of the sky, earth and heaven and the regions within.”

Lord Krishna revealed Vishwaroop Darshan to Arjuna described in Bhagavad Geeta

Lord Krishna revealed Vishwaroop Darshan to Arjuna as described in Bhagavad Geeta

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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