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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: I have experiences during Meditation - What do they mean?
I have been meditating for 15 years. The last few years I have increased my practice, every day, twice per day for at least 30-45 minutes. The last few weeks I have been experiencing intense pressure at the crown of my head. Also, am hearing some type of bells, I feel like I'm in a vacuum. What does this mean? (Also, once last year, I was fasting and I had one session of meditation that was pure bliss, light felt like it was washing over me. I felt light and free and that my body was being was pulled higher from the crown. After, I felt so happy, I started to weep. Unfortunately, that experience never repeated itself.)

Mohini (Name changed), Canada

Consistency of meditation is good:

In my personal view you are doing good in your path towards the God. The way you describe your daily meditation, you are doing really good on your own (without having a Guru). I am pretty sure there will be a point of time where you will be graced by a Guru...But you don’t have to look forward for such an event...it will happen even though you do not seek him/her. You should not feel lost at all. You just need to continue to do your meditation regularly.

About experiences you may have received during meditation are called “kriyas” in Siddha (kundalini) yoga. They serve two purposes 1) These are encouragements or signs to convince you of the existence of super-physical, metaphysical realities and the solid existence of the Divine – Brahman 2) More importantly, kriyas are part of the cleansing of Pranamaya Kosha (of past karma impressions within the subtle body) as well as improvements and cleaning of physical body - Annamaya kosha that is a natural process of siddha yoga. Having these kriyas is first sign that the mother kundalini is actively working within you. It is also true and natural that kriyas reduce or stop at some point of time because that part of cleansing in that particular phase is complete.

Experiences (kriyas) like hearing bells, feeling in vacuum, feeling of ecstasy etc are great and natural part of the process. At the same time one should not be too exited or curious about these developments in spiritual progress. This is only cursory. These are all encouragements or signs to convince you of the Divine existence in your life. More than this, you should not give any importance to those particular instances of experiences. What you need to look for is - when you do meditation you are getting little amount of bliss every day...the duration and the amount of that bliss should keep growing over the period of time (that period can be years or lives..it depends on individual’s consistency of meditation) Believe me, it is a very slow and long term process...but every step you walk, the God is with you ...absolutely every step. The God starts showing the presence only when we can raise our level of awareness. Meditation is one of the ways to raise that awareness over the long term.

Material life, purification of karma and the Sattva gun:

The issues of material life continue for every individual...In my view there is no escape from the "consequence of Karma" that we have done in the past and continue to do every day. That karma is driven by the Sattva/Raja and Tamas gun. The only objective of every individual should be to keep increasing amount of sattva gun within. This will weaken the Raja and Tamas, which eventually purifies our karma, leading to more purified life in the future. This is not an easy task (again it spans over several lives.) Your meditation is like a candle in your hand that will show you the right path. There are many instances in the life where person may get derailed from their path and that is normal too...but generally those who have done meditation for over a longer period come back soon.

It is normal to seek more experiences but they are not too important, consistency of meditation is most important:

After consistent efforts of several years what generally happens is person feels there is no progress happening because he/she is not getting enough experiences. But that is not the case – in fact some experiences (kriyas) wane over time (because they are not required any more) which should be considered as a good sign and further spiritual progress. As long as individual's sattva gun is rising we are achieving everything. Meditation does the job of purification of body and mind (chitta) both. Problems/and happiness of material life continue but they should not be given too much of importance. At the same time if material issues are troubling you a lot then there is nothing wrong in seeking divine help (by prayers and upasana). God does (always) help those who are seeking him. Having said this, In my view, the bliss of few seconds that you derive out of meditation every day is much more valuable than the rest of 23.59 hours that your spend during the day and also more valuable than the isolated instances of "special experiences" that you may get occasionally. You shall get to read a lot on my site in Q&A where I always suggest to ignore the experiences because they are just the signs on the road. They are useful but we should not give too much of importance to the experiences.

All in all, I can say that you are doing good and you should continue your meditation and try to focus more on the within (the Trigunas and the dissolution of the Desires generated by the trigunas)

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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