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Q & A: Numbness on forehead (between eyebrows) Meditation or Kriyas?
I have been doing mediation for 3 months. During my mediation I chant "OM Namah Shivaya" mantra and put my all attention at the center of my forehead (between eye brows)...so I feel numb at that point. It wasn’t any problem at first, now I feel numb all the times even after the mediation, I couldn’t let it go sometimes if I am busy with any works I wouldn’t feel that numbness, but if I think of it then it will come back soon. It is not hurting or anything but I feel uneasiness and it is not comfortable, because during mediation feeling numb on forehead is ok, but other times it is unnecessary. So please tell me how to get rid of this?

Raghukanth (Name changed), Srilanka

From the details you have provided I feel the numbness in the forehead is probably because of the meditation you are doing. I do not know if you have taken any deeksha or not, but if you have and if you are doing meditation under the guidance of an able Guru, then there are high chances that the numbness in the forehead is direct result of meditation. Since the numbness started after your meditation and since it is not hurting any other times you should consider this as a sign that meditation is working at desired pace. At the same time I would not call this as Kundalini awakening or related kriyas as yet. But you can study the topic of Kundalini as you continue with your sadhana.

You also need to observe this and make sure it is not medical issue. Because there are times when person mistakes medical issues as spiritual progress or developments. Therefore, you can continue to observe this and if the numbness troubles you, you should seek medical advise.

You should be happy about spiritual progress

If the numbness is because (or results of) meditation then there is no need to worry about it. Instead of worrying for the numbness you should be happy about it.

Meditation and spiritual progress are all about changing entire life and diverting our efforts and energies towards the Divine. Therefore, feeling numb during the meditation and other times is perfectly okay. This is a new sensation, which you have not hitherto experienced and that is what is worrying you. In fact as individual progresses on the spiritual path they will experience this kind of “numbness” over most of their head portion and upper body part. In my view there is nothing wrong about it if the forehead numbness is because of meditation.

At the same time you should not be too exited about development as spiritual progress. This is only a curiosity. These are all encouragements or signs to convince you of the existence of super-physical, metaphysical realities and the solid existence of the Divine - Brahman. Fix your mind on the goal. Proceed seriously and energetically with your meditation. You must proceed cautiously, step by step. Overexertion should be avoided. The Yogic practices will give you success if you observe Mauna (silence), Mitahara (moderate diet) and sadhana (practice) of Japa and meditation.

You must have sincerity, earnestness, faith, vigor and vitality. By constant practice, the mind engaged in concentration will be used to it and the fear of something being wrong will vanish. I would ask you to continue with the meditative practice. Your progress in meditation depends upon the state of the mind and degree of concentration.

Here are few practical tips about the meditation:

1) Most important thing is to observe your breathe. This helps focus the mind. At the same time one should remember that the objective of the meditation is NOT to focus the mind. Mind has traveled ages and ages with your SELF (soul or atma) and it can not be calmed down by meditation of few minutes.

2) When you start, inhale rapidly and exhale slowly seven or eight times and then relax body completely. Thereafter, breathe normally.

3) Our role is to just observe the involuntary breathing. Do not interfere. Do not fight with the mind.

4) If evil thoughts come to mind, do not make violent efforts to drive them off. Allow the waves pass off quietly. Never allow sentiments to overcome you in any way. Wisely utilize every condition for the uplifting of the soul for Chitta-Suddhi (cleaning of Chitta).

5) Do not think any more of your worldly concerns than is necessary to determine your duty. Do your duty and leave the rest to God.

6) If you are tired by meditation, suspend the meditation for some time. Gently fix your mind on all that is holy and sublime, on the lofty acts of saints and sages. You will gradually regain the normal tone of mind.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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