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Q & A: Women should not chant Lalita Devi Mantras, I did
Out of ignorance without initiation, I chanted religious texts related to Goddess Lalita, now I am not at peace with myself and I am really scared, my sleep patterns has disturbed, I am having body pain and I am not at peace with myself. I discontinued chanting, I want to know is this temporary situation. If you can guide me on this I will be really thankful.

Kartika (Name changed), India

Here are my views about chanting Lalita Devi mantras:

Should women chant Lalita Devi mantras or not?

I do not know off hand if woman should or should not chant Lalita Devi mantras or religious texts (as per vedas and religious scriptures.) For the sake of this discussion let us assume woman should NOT chant the Lalita Devi mantras.

Assuming that woman should not chant Goddess Lalita mantras - the short answer to your questions is - If you have chanted religious texts related to goddess Lalita that should not cause any visible harm to you. I feel it is your knowledge and perception that you should not have chanted the mantras and you still did is causing you discomfort and the worries of unknown. I am very positive such mistake should not cause any thing like what you are experiencing. You are experiencing aftereffects of the anxiety and worry that you have done something wrong. I can assure you that you have absolutely not done anything wrong and should not worry.

Reasons why women should not chat particular mantras or particular religious text?

As I understand there are various reasons why women should not chat particular mantras or particular religious text. One of the reasons being the physical and psychological body of Man and women are created differently. Chanting of mantras and reading of religious texts create specific vibrations that may conflict with Woman's physical as well as psychological system and therefore, according to Vedas and Hindu scriptures, women should not chant particular mantras or read particular religious books. Some scriptures create fear in the minds of people so that they avoid doing something against the scriptures. I do not think there is anything more to it.

Having said this, it does not mean if some woman does chant those mantras or religious text (as you did) will cause immediate harm to them. For religious person to see positive effects and receive benefits of mantras and religions books it takes several decades (probably several lives). In the same way to get the bad results one will have to chant those mantras for several decades and probably several lives.

So I don’t think you should worry about this at all. If Vedas and Hindu scriptures say woman should not chant that particular religious text then you can stop reading it henceforth and should not worry at all about the results of your reading it in the past.

God does not punish anyone

I can positively tell you that the God does not punish anyone for chanting particular mantras or reading religious texts. It is only the religious scriptures say so. God absolutely will never ever punish anyone even for chanting mantras wrongly. In fact God is more like a mother (who loves her children and forgives their mistakes) rather than a father who can be little stricter than mother.

It is only vedas and religious scriptures that tell us to do or not to do particular things for various reasons (as one I gave above.) and it is always good to follow vedas and scriptures because there are certain reasons behind their teachings and going against them creates conflicts in human mind that can take away the peace from us (as has happened to you).

Therefore, in my view, you should completely relax and stop worrying about what happened earlier. I feel, this approach (and the knowledge that you haven’t done anything wrong) will give you immediate relief from the anxiety and will hopefully help you sleep peacefully.

God is there to help us not to punish us. God NEVER punishes his children. He is always there to show us the light. If anything that goes right or wrong in our lives, it is because of our past karma and our ignorance about the understanding of the God.

I hope you shall feel better and this knowledge will help you focus on the future.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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