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Q & A: I developed kidney Cancer, Can Siddha Master help repair DNAs?
I have been suffering with serious immune system problems which has left me more or less incapacitated for about 15 years. I developed kidney cancer last year because of my immune system issues. Can a siddha master help me to heal these issues? Thank you so very much for your time.

Johnston (Name changed), USA

Here is my effort to explain

Kundalini and Healing

It is a fact that Kundalini heals deceases, in fact Kundalini would even repair the DNAs and restore to its original sequence thereby destroying the cause of deceases (see the scientific reference below). But the fact is – the speed at which Kundalini works, it can hardly overtake an already developed cancer (but it can happen in rare cases where the individual is at spiritually advanced stage). In your case the Cancer has already activated and Kundalini is extremely slow for physical cure in the initial phases. Therefore, Kundalini awakening may not be helpful to expected extent.

Siddha master and Healing

In my view, a genuine Siddha master will NOT help in this matter either, even though he carries capacity to do so. Siddha Yogi is one whose “Will” has merged with the Divine “Will”. The Divine “Will” rarely interferes in our Karma impressions and the Prarabdha Karma associated with it (current Karma account). Since Siddha’s “Will” is God’s “Will” he will not interfere (just like God).

Strong call of faith will certainly help in case of your Cancer

Even though Kundalini and Siddha master may not help to cure your cancer, a strong call of faith will certainly help to a large extent. A strong call of faith to the divine for the interference with continual medical help is what you may try, in my view. Here are two pages that may help clear this concept how it works.

Contradiction: How can God help if he cannot change Karma?

Miracle Cure – Experience Swami Samarth’s promise to you!!

Scientific reference to Kundalini and how process of DNA repair works

An average individual (who claims he is believer in science without knowing science) will reject the concept that Kundalini can repair the DNAs. So here is one scientific reference that explains the reasoning and process behind how and why Kundalini would repair DNAs.

A gentleman named Gary, who describes himself as a "Kundalini awakened American engineer" wrote the following explanation for his theory about a mechanism for DNA repair in the body:

"Regarding Hudson's negative results with in-vitro cancer cultures. Cell cultures do not behave the same as their in-vivo equivalents, for processes that involve Kundalini. Cell cultures contain Pranic energy, but they lack Nadis (subtle energy channels carrying Prana), and Kundalini. As Kundalini generally oversees and directs the use of ORMEs, this means ORMEs actions in vitro will be substantially impaired, and much less effective, than in vivo.

Some have asked incredulously and sometimes vituperously how DNA could possibly be repaired and restored to its original sequence by *anything*, once damaged. I have listened to several such exchanges. Some apparently believe that, once the DNA is damaged, nothing remains to base a correction on, and hence have difficulty understanding how ORMEs (or anything else) could know *how* to "fix" sequencing damage, once it has occurred (assuming, of course, that both halves of the DNA have been altered).

Each of us has an etheric double, which is the coarsest of the subtle counterparts of our physical body. This and some subplanes of the astral are the level or home of an 'elemental', associated with the innate consciousness of the physical body. This is a separate consciousness, like those I touched on in explaining the nature of consciousness in matter, earlier.

Regardless of the physical damage cellular DNA may sustain, such as by ionizing radiation, phage-induced mutations, etc., the subtle template is always there, and though it may be depleted of vitality, it is not susceptible to these sorts of structural damage. It is around this prescient organizational form that our bodies grew, in genomic expression, once the individualization phase began in later fetal progress. Every molecule **related to organization and structure** has its subtle counterpart, within it. This is the same matrix which has been observed in the "phantom leaf effect", etc., in Kirlian photography.

Kundalini and ORMEs both function, in large part, in 4th dimensional astral levels. The original subtle "backup copy" of the DNA is readily available to them, at the precise place where it is needed, right at the damage site in the errant cell's DNA. The subtle part lies, superimposed 4th dimensionally, right where the physical part is, and there is no problem at all, in seeing where the two don't agree. There are a variety of mechanisms that repair DNA. In some cases, given sufficient ORMEs in the system, Kundalini simply uses the ORMEs as a mechanism, like a read/write head so-to-speak, in repairing the damage. ORMEs are used to transfer a resonance from the subtle template, to guide the DNase, polymerase, endonuclease, and other various enzymes in removing and recoding the damaged base sequences. Each of the bases has a distinct vibrational signature, which the enzymes have no trouble at all in recognizing.

In a cell culture, the cell's own subtle template is present, but no Kundalini is present as an organizing force, nor overall template, and virtually no organization is present among the cells, so the genotypical expression elements are largely running open loop. How likely is it that ORMEs may effect a cure under these conditions? Not very, though they still seem to have some slight beneficial effect. I suggest they shall have better luck with curing cancers when they experiment on lab mice and other living creatures."

In a nutshell, Gary is suggesting that a non-physical template for DNA exists and that where this non-physical DNA template is available to the physical DNA the ORMUS elements can facilitate the repair of the DNA to this healthy template.

What Gary mentions as “non-physical template” is the same as “Causal body or Karana Sharira” mentioned in 3 Types of Bodies: Gross (Sthula Sharira), Astral (Linga Sharira) and Causal body (Karana Sharira)

Hope this helps you as well as those seeking scientific answers to Kundalini Healing.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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