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Q & A: Blessed with divine experiences but getting white skin patches-Leucoderma
I am blessed with deeksha in 2009 and I got various divine experiences due to my dear Gurudevs grace but now I have started developing white skin patches (leucoderma.) Why this is happening? Still I am getting lots of divine experiences and benefits from meditation but why this disease? Can it be cured by daily practicing of Sadhana, meditation?

Rajesh (Name changed), India

Great to know you are receiving divine experiences and your devotion towards your Gurudev. Here are my thoughts about the divine experiences and the white patches (leucoderma)

We are born with the karma and the Karma must be consumed

In my personal view, the things that we suffer from (disease for example) or materially enjoy (wealth for example) in our life are directly related to our past karma. No one has ever escaped the consequences of their past karma (good or bad). In my view, the baggage of karma must be consumed until its last piece and until the person is liberated from all the bindings of the karma (this is an extremely advanced stage…so I shall not talk about this in this answer). Even in case of avatar’s, when they appeared in form of human life, they could not escape the consequences of their karma. We should also remember that by our every day’s actions and thoughts (including the seekers of the God in advanced stages) we are generating more karma. So in short it is an eternal struggle until the sadhak/seeker reaches on the other side of the river of life (where the karma is created and consumed extremely quickly and the seeker continues to live with the God).

About your question - Can it be cured by daily practicing of sadhana or meditation? The good part is: for yogis and the seekers of the God the results of karma come faster and can be consumed faster as compared to a Tamasik person for whom the results take long time (may be lives) to fructify. But, unfortunately, in my own experiences, the sadhana/ meditation itself can not cure such issues (but you can talk to your Gurudev about this and his opinion will be more valuable than mine.)

In my view, all the seekers of God, can not escape the consequence of past karma just because we are seeking the God. Even if we are having divine experiences does not mean we can not have disease or problems in our lives. The way I would address such an issue in my life would be to seek doctor’s help and do whatever I can to cure the disease. (To give you an example: my own son who is 10 years old is half bald. I take this as mine and his bad karma and do my best to cure him…by going to doctor and also having the faith in the God).

Sadhana/Meditation may bring some unusual temporary disturbances

Doing the regular meditation/sadhana may bring some unusual temporary disturbances in life (consider the process of cleaning a water container: when we clean the container, initially the water becomes extremely dirty before the cleaning. In the same way, while doing the sadhana sometimes we may have some difficult physical symptoms/problems that are necessary for the progress of that individual). It is hard to tell if leucoderma can be a part of this…but probably it is not (your Gurudev will be in better position to answer this question than me)

Can Result of Karma – Prabadha be changed? Yes it can be.

Only Yogies / Gurus can change the Prabadha (for the disciple). But the fruit (consequences of the Karma) can’t go away – It has to be either taken and consumed by the Guru or it can be put further in the future life of the disciple. In short there is no escape from the consequence of any Karma by any individual, in my view.

Hope this answer’s your question. Please let me know if I did not answer any part of your question.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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