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Q & A: Why am I not experiencing kundalini awakening, vibrations?
I have connected to one Sidha Guru through online I found her website and found out procedure of meditation. I am doing Sidha yoga from past two three month but I never experienced awakening nor vibration nor opening of third eye. Why this is happening? Do I have many bad karma? The procedure of meditation is chanting mantra round the clock and concentrating guru image at the third eye while meditation. When I watch video online they show people experiencing yogic kriyas. Why am I not experiencing the kriyas?

Gaganish (Name changed), India

This is what I feel on your questions:

Not necessary that kriyas (movements, sound, asana and pranayama) will happen

I am not aware about the particular Guru or particular type of deeksha that you have taken online. But for the sake of this answer I assume you have received deeksha from a Guru who is capable of giving Shaktipat Deeksha (transfer of energy). Once Shaktipat is received from an able guru, the Seeker's kundalini (Prana Shakti or Cosmetic energy) is awakened and the time it finds favorable conditions within the seeker it will start displaying the signs of awakening.

Generally, this may happen instantaneously for some seekers and in some cases it may at the later stages. While awakening of the kundalini can be a dramatic experience, it is not necessary that it has to be dramatic in case of every individual. Every seeker’s experience is absolutely different. The process of kundalini awakening can vary greatly from a person to person. Some have intense physical symptoms, while others may experience emotional or psychological symptoms, in some cases it is a gentle process with gentle movements. The experiences entirely depend on the accumulated impressions of the seekers' past Karma and the sincerity with which the seeker practices meditation (Sadhana). Karma is the baggage everyone carries and even if the seeker has bad habits and poor Karma to begin with, the awakened kundalini will slowly take him away from his bad habits and toward good Karma as long as the sadhak does the meditation regularly.

Kundalini, past karma and the current stage

The primary job of the kundalini is to take the sadhak from his current stage to the higher one and keep moving higher. At the same time, it should be noted that the current stage of every sadhak is different (depending on their accumulated karma over several lives) therefore, the experiences of every sadhak are different. Some may have dramatic awakening while others many not have intense experiences/kriyas.

In your particular situation, if you feel online deeksha is not helping, you might consider visiting the guru personally (only if the Guru suggests you to do so).

Kundalini awakening: Our role is to be an observer

Once deeksha is received, the kriyas (whatever forms of yoga the seeker needs) will happen automatically during meditation (physical and spiritual motions, movements, sound, asanas and pranayama etc.) The seeker’s only active role is to be an observer - just observe what happens. In case specific physical kriyas do not happen, the seeker should not be concerned about that because he is not the doer in this situation. Once initiated it is the kundalini that will be guiding you in the path forward. Kundalini is your guru from this point on. The seeker should just observe and try to focus on the breathing which is the physical manifestation of Prana Shakti (Cosmetic energy). The seeker should not even try to control the breathing process using pranayam; just observe the normal breathing process. This helps to stabilize the mind.

Not to be concerned about the yoga experiences or spiritual progress

As a sadhak we should not be much concerned about the stages or particular experiences, because by doing this the sadhak might loose the focus. Seeker should be focused on the ultimate destination (the realization) and ignore all the experiences he may or may not get during the journey. We should look at the experiences with the indifference with which we look outside of window during a travel. There are many things moving outside and we are looking at them but we are aware that this is not the destination and we are always focused on the final destination.

What is the third eye?

This is a higher stage of sadhana/meditation where the sadhak is experiencing some activity in his/her Ajna Chakra (in the middle of the eyebrows). In my view this is a long journey for an average sadhak (but in case of some it may be a quicker process)…and again, it all depends on the Sadhana that person has performed over the several lives..or in other words it all depends on the percentage of ‘Sattva guna’ the person is carrying within them. Once the kundalini is activated she (like a mother) will give the seeker all the experiences they need (not what they want). Therefore, the best approach is to consider this as a process of over several lives and continue to do the meditation every day.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Why am I not experiencing kundalini awakening, vibrations? Topics: Siddha Yoga and Kriyas

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