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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi
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All those whom you call yours (Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Family and Friends) were NOT yours in the past birth and will NOT be yours in the next birth. You will not even recognize them if they come before you in the next birth. It’s your "Maya" that binds you to them and keeps you away from the Truth in the miserable travel of Jiva (individual body with soul). Finding of this Self-Illuminating Truth by Jiva is called the Self-Realization or Atma-Sakshatkar! One who finds it is called Jivanmukta! ONLY a Jivanmukta can be Guru! Everyone else is a Traveler!

Read following link to understand meaning of several words that I commonly use in e-Yoga letters. You, Me, God, Guru, Swami and a Common man...It is written to remove some doubts, misconceptions and strengthen your faith in the existence of the Divine.

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Why meditate?     - Date: March 16, 2013

It is that Plain and Simple! God is not about gaining anything, it is about losing everything (tons of trash of 'mind' we carry). It is that blissful liberation! ----- Forwarded Message ----- Why should we meditate???? Buddha was asked: "What have you gained from meditation?" He replied: "Nothing!" "However", Buddha said, .....

How Mind Works? For seekers of Raja Yoga     - Date: March 10, 2013

Many seekers (those doing efforts to attain the God) follow the path of Raja Yoga (meditative Yoga). While doing that very few realize value of Bhakti Yoga while following Raja Yoga. I personally am a follower and advocate of Siddha Yoga (one form of meditative Yoga). But I rarely, suggest Siddha Yoga for others. In fact, I discourage people fro.....

Spiritual Seeker is like a Cracked Pot – Whom God loves most!     - Date: March 09, 2013

The story about a Cracked pot (by OM Swami below) relates to all those of us who are seeking the Divine (doing one spiritual effort or other to attain the God). In general, most of those who do spiritual efforts of several years are either discouraged or not sure about the presence of the God in their life. The fact of the spiritual life is: Tho.....

Why this generation is most stressed?     - Date: February 10, 2013

Recent survey says that "Young Adults More Stressed Than Other Generations" Here are some thoughts: This is a generation that has best of the worlds at their feet. They have access to the latest computers, high-speed internet, super video games, Cars, Bikes and what not. They have all sorts of iGadgets - iPhones, iPods, iPads at their.....

Nice Thouthts     - Date: January 19, 2013

---------- Forwarded message ---------- (Source: Unknown) Death asked Life : Why does everyone love you and hate me ? Life replied : Because I am a beautiful Lie and you are a painful Truth !!! A Lovely Logic for a beautiful Life: Never try to maintain relations in your life Just try to maintain life in your relations Always w.....

Why Happiness is Elusive?     - Date: January 12, 2013

Excellent piece by Swami Sivananda on Why Happiness is Elusive and will always remain so..until Self-Realization. But before that, read the story of the Saint again...and again. This story is not a play of words but 100% truth. 1) Desires are the cause of unhappiness. 2) Ownership is the cause of Anxiety. 3) Wants will always lead to miseries. .....

"Killer" turned "Saint" - Ex-Chambal Dacoit preaches karma     - Date: January 01, 2013

I am NOT forwarding this news because this is a "Killer" to "Saint" story, but to highlight the power of a spiritual moment started by Vinoba Bhave. It is amazing to see how powerful spirituality can be in changing a person. Think before you act! Once an act is performed, the seed is sown, the seed must germinate in the future. "Don't let cir.....

Connecticut Massacre, Delhi Rape and God’s Vision     - Date: December 29, 2012

When questions cease, answers are needed no longer!!! People just don't have the answers because they may be looking at the wrong question paper! (See Om Swami's post below my comments). Unfortunately, the brave heart Delhi rape victim died in Singapore yesterday after facing an unimaginable ordeal of life. There are several questions ra.....

Dec 20, 2012: End of the World Tomorrow! Huh!     - Date: December 20, 2012

Sorry for sending another message so quickly....(feel free to unsubscribe at any time you get bored of my messages.) Since it is the End of the world tomorrow I thought let me send one last message to all of you SmileyFace Who knows these stupid may be right after all! …..I promise I will not send any mes.....

Connecticut Massacre, Delhi Rape - "I Want Peace"     - Date: December 20, 2012

Several years I used to write on social issues, but I never had answers,.....which I finally found in spirituality (at least at my personal level) -------------- This happens when people have guns: America is a society brimming over with violence (Visit - http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/12/17/behind-the-connecticut-massacre/) Th.....

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Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Everyone should follow one Yoga as their primary Yoga (based on their character). Then we must combine Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This “Yoga Synthesis” will lead one to the God.
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Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Shaktipat Yoga, Maha Yoga, Shakti Yoga or Kriya Yoga