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 Divine Intervention: A Real Life Example
Date Sent: December 01, 2013

Here is a real life experience about what I sent yesterday - What is the use of God who cannot Help? – Divine Intervention in Human life! What is use of God who can't help? He must Help & Protect

This gentleman is in our email group. So this experience is even closer to all of us.

Hope you will like this better than a composed story or just words of wisdom…because what is the use of Words-of-Wisdom if they cannot be backed by real experiences?

Divine Intervenes! Divine Helps! Divine never fails in his promise! His ways are absolutely beyond our imagination!

So here it goes.....

There is no doubt about Divine Interventions in human life. He answers our prayers. I had many unbelievable experiences. One I am sharing is around 1982. After a devastating experience with a company in MP (India), I was jobless in minutes and did not know what to do?

First time I prayed Shirdi Saibaba (I had seen only HIS photo) with tears in my eyes and no sleep for 4 days. On 5th day morning he appeared in dream early morning and told me “Beta sab Thik Ho Jayega, Mumbai Jao” (everything will be all right, go to Bombay). I opened my eyes and one of my friends came with a ticket to Mumbai and said discussions/interviews are arranged.

Next day I went to Mumbai and met few people. On the other day I thought of visiting IIT and was thinking of getting Auto rickshaw at Andheri station. Standing, very depressed, I was calling for auto and practically no body was responding. Suddenly a rickshaw stopped in front of me and a person inside waved at me. He asked “How come you are here?” He turned out to be son of then GM of IDPL Hyderabad where I was working from 1975 to 1978. I sat with him and on the way told my story. He said Relax and told to my surprise that his father is now Director in Big MNC and asked me to meet him next day morning in his house.

I reached his house next day and without saying a word, he recognized and told me that joining the company in MP was probably my Karma debt paying back and fixed my interview with Mr. Devarajan of Shapoorji Pallonji Group of companies.

I met Mr. Devarajan and got the job next day, and as destined I moved to Reliance in 1985. Mr. Devarajan has played a role of Guide, Guru and Divine Intervention in my whole life. He came and saw me 28 years later in 2011 after my heart attack.

I wonder what else can be Divine Intervention and proof of Celestial coincidences which are interplay of our Karmas.

Jai Shrikrishna!

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