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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

 Crime Everywhere - What is God's Role in this?
Date Sent: September 28, 2013

I have mentioned many times in the emails and on the website – “God and Guru Do Not Do Anything, Nor Do they Give anything to Anyone”. You know why? Because it is extremely difficult to explain what God or Guru Does and Gives to Seekers.

There was a question in the email the other day. Answer to this question possibly explains what God and Guru give to the seeker. The answer is still subtle and inexplicable, too complex to write even.

Sun (Divine knowledge) shines only when the cover of clouds (Maya) starts disappearing.


I read all your posts regularly. There is so much crime around us happening every moment and I am deeply pained at my own helplessness in not being able to do anything to effectively stop it. What do I do? What good is all my intelligence, knowledge, education, health and wealth if I am unable to do anything effective against proliferating crime? How can I just ignore all the wrong and bad things happening right in front of me and not feel guilty? Request you to share your thoughts.

Short Answer:

The creator of this universe has given freedom to everyone. He never takes it away from anyone...not even from a terrorist or a criminal. If this is true, then I am just a creation and should not feel pained or guilty about how one uses that freedom (including terrorists and criminals). There is Law of Karma to take care of every action that is produced in this universe. I will do only those things that are within my limits (boundaries of my cage) with feeling of duty minus emotions.

Long Answer:

Here is my view about the whole issue. Please note: this is just my opinion or the way I see the things. Not necessary others agree with it. In fact I am aware most will disagree with everything below. Because it’s difficult to digest or accept the connections and disconnections mentioned here. Everyone must dig their own path (of thought process) that gives them the desired answers to achieve the state of peace or agitation (on the issues like crime, corruption, moral degradation, rapes and all that is bad.)

Part I - The Reality

What I see around (crime, corruption, moral degradation, rapes and all bad events) is a part of a perfect order (I know most will disagree). Nothing is disorderly. In my world, if there is a crime then there is exact and equal punishment and if there is a good act then there is exact and equal reward for that. This universe is not a Chaos. Nothing is an Accident. The creator of the universe is neither Blind nor Random. He is not Biased either (probably I am lying here because he is biased to those who pray him from the bottom of their heart). This world is a perfect system where the punishment or reward WILL be delivered. No one should be blamed. God does not make one suffer for no reason nor does He make one happy for no reason. God is fair and gives you exactly what you deserve. The law of Karma, Rebirth will follow the Jiva (individual soul) that performed the action to deliver the results of their actions, in one of the future births (when the seed of action finds the right environment to germinate). The concept that beats the mind is – The action and delivery are so apart from each other that they are always seen as an individual event without connection to each other. Fortunately, everything is connected. There is no individual dot standing in the space. All dots are connected. This is absolutely true…in my World.

Every action is accounted for in this Universe. There is no victim in this world, nor is an aggressor there. If I am a victim of some event tomorrow, then I know I was an aggressor sometime in the past (beyond the window of my vision.) If I see a victim today, I know he was an aggressor sometime in the past (beyond the window of my vision.)

If there is a Jiva that has not done any wrong Karma in the past lives then there is no power in the world that can hurt that Jiva. Therefore, I keep purifying my Karma and eventually I will reach a point where there is nothing in the world that can disturb me. Everything is within me. All that I see outside is not real.

What you call a Crime or a Good act both are product of Trigunas of a person. He will act only accordingly to his Trigunas (Sattva, Raja, and Tama). If someone hurts me, it’s because of his Trigunas. If I get hurt it’s because of my past Karma (not because of the act of the aggressor). Both events appear to be connected but they are not. Appearance of that connection where it does not exist is Maya – grand illusion of my mind.

Part II - Perception of the beholder

The problem, agitation, anger and eventual helplessness arises when someone sees only a small portion of the clip that shows the punishment or reward. The mind that cannot see beyond that clip starts asking questions "Why this so?" How an aggressor is free and victim is suffering? Agitation, Anger and feeling of helplessness and eventually loss of peace follow.

Every event makes perfect sense to those that see the things in a very large window that goes beyond 100 years of human life. When the vision broadens the peace becomes an integral part of a life. God or Guru does not give anything to anyone. What he gives is the vision to see the things in a broader perspective. God gives the seeker an ability to see the invisible connections between two distant dots. The puzzle solves itself. His grace broadens this vision that absorbs all pains and miseries from the life. That Jiva (individual soul) is liberated eventually.

In my world:

Nobody can hurt others; No one can ever get hurt. No one is victim. No one is an aggressor. Everyone is a slave of the mind (Trigunas) they created with their Samskaras of thousands of past lives.

When something bad or wrong happens to me; one piece of my Karma is consumed. I should be happy; One bad patch of Karma is finished! One shackle of the chain that binds me is broken. One bar of my cage is taken away. That is Law of Karma. That is God.

Everything else is Maya (grand illusion of mind). Human anger, guilt and helplessness are the result of Maya. God is there to remove the cover of Maya (clouds from over Sun). Sun was there and will always be there – Eternally Self-illuminating and Blissful. It’s the clouds that create the gloom. Self-Realization is where the Clouds over Jiva are removed and the Jiva experiences that Self-illuminating Sun.

Important note before closing:

I write all this does that not mean I am there. There is millions of miles distance between “Knowledge of Bliss” and the “Experience of Bliss”. I still experience pains and miseries in my personal life. I still carry duality and distorted vision in my life. My vision is blinded by Maya too. I am learning every day. Everyone is my Guru. I try to learn from everyone; learn what I should and should not do! It helps broaden my vision every day. It’s grace of my Guru.

All I write is with the intention of helping those that are looking for direction and existence of the universal truth – The Self-illuminating Sun, the Eternal bliss.

It’s my lonely travel…as explained here - http://www.thekundaliniyoga.org

There will a day when will I stop writing! I wish it never comes!

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Crime Everywhere - What is God's Role in this? Topics: Karma

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