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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

 Connecticut Massacre, Delhi Rape and God’s Vision
Date Sent: December 29, 2012

When questions cease, answers are needed no longer!!!

People just don't have the answers because they may be looking at the wrong question paper! (See Om Swami's post below my comments).

Unfortunately, the brave heart Delhi rape victim died in Singapore yesterday after facing an unimaginable ordeal of life.

There are several questions raised after this incident or incidents like Connecticut massacre that continue to happen every other day.

Everyone has their own questions. Most of them have no answers. Many people wonder how can God be so merciless to let such things happen around us?

The fact is - Our “VIEW” of life is extremely limited to 100 years while all the answers fall in a range that goes beyond 100 years.

If ever you had the "VIEW” of the life that the God has, you will never complain about the things that you see happening in this world. Simultaneously, this “VIEW” will also give you assurance that nothing wrong can happen to you….if you walk right (very difficult task with limited 100 years sight)

Let's try to see how God sees our world:
Fast forwards few hundred years from now, if you can.

You will clearly see these people (who were the perpetrators of the above events) facing the consequences of their actions the same way they did to the victims today. You will see that the “Seed” has turned into a “Tree”. You will see this as a “natural and essential expression” of the actions they did today.

You will also see all the people around them asking why this person is facing the event that he is? He hasn’t done anything wrong to go through this. Why is God so merciless?

Now you are the God – How would you respond?

You can clearly see what this person had done to others long time back. You clearly see the connection between the “cause” and “effect”.

Will you feel sad about the event that is happening (few hundred years from now) to that individual? Sure, you will. Should you stop it from happening? No, why should you? If you change that event, then you will be biased. (believe me, God is neither Biased nor Random.)

The seed has turned into a tree. One part of his Karma is consumed. He is free of that particular Karma in his chain of lives. He has millions of others left to consume. The cycle must continue. He must be born again, carry burden of old Karmas, face consequences of some in this life and create new for future lives. Again and again…until the soul realizes it’s real destination – The Bliss

Foundation of life is Trigunas - Sattva (Purity and divine Knowledge) Raja (Activity and Passion), Tama (Ignorance and Inertia).

Every individual acts according to the strongest of the three at each moment of time. God offers absolute freedom for him to act.

Here are few simple rules God operates this universe upon:

1) God never interferes in events of our life...how so miserable or unjustified they may appear to be on the surface.

2) He has laid down the cosmic law - "Law of Karma" that works absolutely perfectly. It never fails! NEVER fails!

3) There is an exception to this rule though… How can God help if he cannot change Karma?

Those who fail to grasp this reality have questions. Those who can see the “connection” between “cause” and “effect” have no questions. When questions cease, answers are needed no longer!!!

Karma fruit is not punishment or retribution but simply an expression or consequence of natural acts. Although it may often appear like a punishment (or reward), the purpose of Karma is to perfectly follow the cosmic law (God’s system of Universal operation) and not to punish (or reward)....
Everything about Law of Karma and Karmic Fruits

----------------------------------- Here is Post by OM Swami

Is Life a Question Paper?

Many people who come to me are in genuine search of a spiritual path, some form of destination. They tell me they have everything yet something is missing in their lives, they cannot pinpoint what it is, they feel somewhat incomplete, they say. I know that feeling. They are materially successful, physically well, emotionally good, mentally strong, yet why this void? And, can something be done about it? Before I offer you my perspective, let me share a conversation I had the other day:

A sincere devotee, a genuine seeker has been in touch with me for quite a while, he is the academic dean of a large educational institution. He visited me a few weeks ago. As part of his spiritual journey, he had a list of places he said he wanted to visit. I told him if that gave him joy he could but how would roaming around outside give fulfillment to an inner quest? Narrating a profound and a beautiful story, he said:

"You know Swami, when I was in the eighth grade in the school, I sat for my Maths exams. I knew I wasn't prepared as I hadn't studied at all. I stared at the examination paper and was not surprised to see that I didn't know the answer…..

Read full post at: http://www.omswami.com/2012/12/life-is-question-paper.html

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Connecticut Massacre, Delhi Rape and God’s Vision Topics: Vedanta, Vedic Ideology

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