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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

 God, Golden Girl - Marilyn Monroe and Desires
Date Sent: October 19, 2013


Individual souls are like electric light bulbs. The bulbs get their light from the power house. The jivas (souls) get their power from Brahman, the infinite cosmic power house. The bulb imagines that it is independent and boasts of its effulgence and power. It has no idea of its source. When the current fails it hangs its head in shame and weeps. Even so, the jiva drags out his egoism. O fool, O dunce, know the source through purity, devotion, tapas, meditation and enjoy supreme peace and eternal bliss.

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There are only two ways you can live life

Either: (#1) Desires Will Burn You
OR: (#2) You Will Burn the Desires.

There is no third possibility in the human life.There is no third choice available in the miserable cycle of Birth & Death (which you have been rotating for Countless number of Clueless lives).

Option #1 - This is what everyone chooses....this is an easy path to take but it always ends in a disaster...This path starts in Merryville and ends in the Miseryville.

Option #2 - This is where Jivanmukta (liberated soul) lives...He has burnt all his desires...this is the most torturous path and absolutely impossible to travel initially...it becomes easier as the seeker receives help from the divine grace...this path leads him to the abode of eternal peace....in the Blissville for immortality.

If you carefully study the lives of celebrities and successful people (everybody wants to be like them - isn't it?) you will find the best examples of #1 - they are the people eternally living in Miseryville

Lets glimpse at the life of the Golden Girl - Movie Actress Marilyn Monroe. It is one of the best examples of how life is eternally burnt in the fire of Desires.

This is brief summary of the life of the Golden Girl Marilyn Monroe, the most glamorous and the beautiful women of her era and probably envy of millions of young girls who want to be like her even today and the object of desire (lust) for millions of men around the world.

The life of Marilyn Monroe, ended as it began, in misery and tragedy. She is said to have married three times and divorced all three men. Marilyn suffered at least two miscarriages and was never able to have a child. Her emotional insecurity deepened; her many illnesses came upon her more frequently. On August 5, 1962, she was found dead in her home in Los Angeles. She was discovered lying nude on her bed, face down, with a telephone in one hand. Empty bottles of pills, prescribed to treat her depression, were littered around the room.

Most of the people fail to realize the cause of the tragedies. It is all about the efforts to fulfill the "Unlimited Number of Desires" which continue to grow as you fulfill one after the other. Every desire you fulfill generates two more. They Will continue to Burn and Consume the Jiva (you) that creates and seeks the Desires eternally....until Desires themselves are destroyed successfully

Go figure out the Riddle of the Life!

(Reduce the noise around you, and you will hear the divine voice...inside you)

The Riddle of the World - By Swami Sivananda

You yourself have made your life complex. You have entangled yourself in this quagmire. You have multiplied your wants and desires. Every day you are forging new links in the chain of bondage. Simplicity has vanished. Luxurious habits are daily developed. People are dying of starvation; there is depression and unrest everywhere. There is devastation by earthquake. The divorce courts are increasing. One nation is afraid of another nation. Life has become a matter of uncertainty. It has become a mass of confusion and bewilderment; it has become stormy and boisterous.

You can escape from these troubles and difficulties if you lead a life of dispassion, self¬restraint, purity and selfless service, if you develop cosmic love, if you make a habit of developing the right point of view, right thinking, right feeling, right action, with the right mental attitude and if you practise meditation and devotion.

If you have no sustained vairagya (dispassion) you will find no improvement or progress in spirituality. Vows, energy, austerities and meditation will leak out like water from a cracked pot. You have spent eight hours in sleep and the rest in idle gossiping, telling lies and deceiving others. How can you expect spiritual good or immortality if you do not spend even half an hour in the service of God, in singing his name and in divine contemplation?

Is there pain or pleasure in this world? If there is pleasure, then why do young educated men retire into the forests? If there is pain, why do young men run after wealth, position and women? Mysterious is maya (illusion)! Mysterious is moha (delusion)! Try to understand the riddle of life and the riddle of the universe. Acquire viveka (wisdom). Have satsanga (holy company). Enquire into the nature of the Atman. Study the Yoga Vasishta and the Upanishads. Then you will have a comprehensive understanding of the problems of life. There is not one iota of happiness in this world.

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God, Golden Girl - Marilyn Monroe and Desires Topics: Vedanta, Vedic Ideology

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