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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

 Why this generation is most stressed?
Date Sent: February 10, 2013

Recent survey says that "Young Adults More Stressed Than Other Generations"

Here are some thoughts:

This is a generation that has best of the worlds at their feet. They have access to the latest computers, high-speed internet, super video games, Cars, Bikes and what not. They have all sorts of iGadgets - iPhones, iPods, iPads at their service. There are hundreds of TV channels to provide them the desired pleasure. They have social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc. They have many more luxuries to avail of, than one can imagine.

Are they happy? - Answer: They are not! There is no way they can be happy!

Report says “Stress keeps them up at night. The top two causes of their stress are work and money. Their health care provider tells them they have depression or an anxiety disorder….” Survey: Young Adults More Stressed Than Other Generations

Why is that so?

I have included yesterday’s message again that provides solution to above problem. Here are some random thoughts about peace and happiness.

Peace and happiness are directly proportional to what we 'don’t own'. (less things we 'own' more happy we are.) Peace and happiness are inversely proportional to what we Own (more things we 'own' more stressed we are.)

Ownership is always at the 'mind level' not at 'physical level'. You can own something at physical level and still 'not own' at mind level and vice-versa. (Please Read Bhagavad Gita to understand the meaning this statement)

Ownership of anything and everything brings happiness of few moments but stress for rest of the life!

Mind is the cause of our miseries. We cannot bind our mind, It is the mind that binds us. Therefore, peace and happiness are always illusive, and will remain so!

Our desires have brought us down from the pinnacle of peace and happiness. More desires we carry, more unhappy we are!

Our desires keep us under the influence of Maya (grand illusion of mind – that makes us believe ‘the world exists around me’.)

Only those who overcome Maya are capable of attaining the ultimate bliss. Everyone else must continue their journey through multiple births and deaths and miseries that accompany with the cycle.

Just as a silk-worm is caught in its own cocoon, so also man is caught in the vast net of samsara (worldly life) by his own Vasanas (subtle desires).


Travel from Miseries to Bliss is the spiritual journey. Travel from Darkness to Light is the spiritual journey.

Spiritual journey is a grand battle on the plane of the Mind. Soldier fights for few days in a life, but the spiritual aspirant's battle goes on day and night, for the entire life. Spiritual battle goes beyond one life and takes place over several lives. As he fights this battle he conquers grand illusion of Maya. Only those who have conquered Maya know the power of Maya…everyone else must remain bound by Maya.

Spiritual journey is a battle between illusion and non-illusion. Peace and happiness (bliss) are attained only by those who win this grand battle. Everyone else must suffer the creation of their Maya (miseries and unhappiness.) Small summary of this battle is on my home page The kundaliniyoga

...I am just a traveler!

Two topics about nature, health and balanced life.

-------------------------- Swami Sivananda says

"Health is joy. Health is wealth. Health is the elixir of life. Without health life becomes a burden.

Nature tries to keep us healthy but we bring on sickness by continuous violation of the laws of nature. Natural laws are relentless. There is no mercy.

In the animal kingdom there is seldom any sickness because animals do not violate the laws of nature. Before the age of machinery, man's life was more natural. Persons of the past generations were much stronger and healthier.

Life in the twentieth century is becoming more and more artificial. Hence there is much deterioration in health and strength. In spite of the innumerable doctors and the latest medical discoveries our health is still deteriorating.

"A sound mind in a healthy body", as the saying goes. The mind controls the body, so try to keep your mind as cheerful as possible, under all circumstances. A strong mind wards off ill health and it also helps us to preserve good health.

Run in the open air. Wear simple, light clothing. Take only simple, light, nourishing food. Do not go to doctors. Endeavour to qualify yourself as your own doctor. Take lots of exercise. Take sun baths and cold baths. Inhale ozone.

Observe moderation in food, drink and copulation. Lead a pious life. Develop right thinking, right feeling, right speaking, right action, right belief, right knowledge, right conduct. Do not employ servants. Rely on yourself in all things.

If you want radiant health, return to nature. Then you will have a blooming face and a charming personality. Avail yourself of all the healing agencies in nature. Avail yourself of the healing properties of the sun, the water, the air, the earth, fasting, herbal plants and so on.

Observe the laws of nature in all things. Eat, drink, sleep, think, conduct yourself in the way laid down by the ancient sages."

-------------------------- OM Swami asks - Are You Paying Attention?

"It is one of the greatest and most rewarding attributes you can work on — attentiveness. There is a slight yet significant difference between mindfulness and attentiveness. Mindfulness is maintaining a sense of awareness, a sort of consciousness that you are watching your own thoughts, your actions. With greater practice, your level of mindfulness rises to a degree that it becomes effortless. Mindfulness is the basis of a graceful living, a stable life, a sound mind.


Nothing happens instantly in the play of nature. The same goes for your body too. I have observed countless times that often small ailments, when not tended, turn into major problems. Many a time, your body shows symptoms and signs long before anything is diagnosed. If you choose to ignore its nudges, it expresses in the form of a disease later on.

Imagine running on the tread-mill at a fast pace for an hour and then simply getting off it without cooling down. It might do you more damage than good. Similarly, in life after you have caught up pace, when you wish to stop, you need to give yourself time to slow down, to cool down. You cannot afford to keep running at the same pace throughout.

"Ripu ruja pāvaka pāpa prabhu ahi gani'a na chōṭa kari ॥
An enemy, disease, fire, sin, master, snake should not be taken for granted, no matter small they may appear at first. Attend to them at the first sign. (Ram Charitmanas, Aranya Kand, 21)"

It is never too late or too early to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And what is a healthy lifestyle? A balanced life is a healthy one: balanced diet, work and exercise. Your body is an instrument of life, of living, of experiences. It is not a cage for your soul but a potent vehicle of knowledge and insight. All acquisition of knowledge is through the senses. There will be no senses if not for the body. Befriend it, treat it with care. Love thyself."

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Why this generation is most stressed? Topics: Vedanta, Vedic Ideology

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