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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

 Shaktipat: Qualities of a Shaktipat Guru, Why Shaktipat Diksha?
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Shaktipat Gurus Topics:
What is Shaktipat Guru and why one needs Guru?
In the Shaktipat tradition of Siddha yoga, a Guru is a person who can awaken Kundalini shakti (energy) of the seeker. One receiving this awakening from the Guru is the initiate. A Guru in whose presence, by whose touch or thought (sankalpa) one feels inner happiness and bliss is a Shaktipat Guru (or simply a Guru).

In reality one's Atman or Soul (“Self”) is the real and ultimate Guru and there is none above the “Self” (that is why Self-Realization is the ultimate goal.) But this is a way too abstract a concept for common individual (who is living in a “mudhawastha” – veil of ignorance.) Therefore, one needs to adopt a Guru until the presence of the Guru "Within" is sufficiently clear. It takes ages and ages before an individual can attain this basic stage (of realizing that the “Self” is the true Guru), hence the need of a Physical Guru (or Shaktipat Guru specifically) whom you can see with your own eyes, in the initial stages. The reality is - 99.9999% of people are in the initial states (call it primitive) of spirituality even after efforts of several decades or lives.

A Shaktipat Guru who has attained self-realization is living in a state of bliss that is Trillions of light years away from the common man - a person living in a state of a “mudhawastha” (stupefied state of mind or ‘maya’). Therefore, for a common man it is virtually impossible to judge a Guru.

So how can one find the right Shaktipat Guru?

Here are some details about Shaktipat gurus that will help understand more about Gurus, their qualities and Abilities.

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Why Shaktipat Gurus?
Siddha guru is one who has traveled path of Siddha yoga and further he has been bestowed the authority and ability to awaken the kundalini of other beings by their Siddha Guru (called diksha Gurutva).

There are primarily two ways one can awaken their kundalini: 1) Spiritual practice or 2) Spiritual transfer of energy (Shaktipat - Grace of the Master or Guru).

One can meditate long, hard hours, days, months and years trying to reach deeper levels "within" and do hath yoga to awaken the kundalini OR one can find a Siddha Shaktipat Guru who can do Spiritual transfer of energy (Shaktipat kundalini awakening).

Meditation becomes a joyful journey (with divine experiences) and a blissful pleasure instead of a burden after Shaktipat initiation

Let’s use some analogy:

Ordinarily it takes a long time to create a fire by rubbing sticks together to light a candle but if someone else already has a candle then that (ready) flame can be used to light another candle. Similarly to make a magnet naturally may require thousands of years but if one already has a magnet then iron can easily be magnetized using that magnet. This exactly how shaktipat works. 

Therefore, Shaktipat diksha works like a candle lighting another candle...More appropriate comparison is the story of Mythical philosopher's stone that converts Iron into Gold but this converted Gold does not have ability of a Mythical Stone (to convert iron into Gold). Therefore, the initiated one can not (and should not) initiate others unless they are given diksha Gurutva by their Siddha Guru

It should also be remembered that the process of conveying shaktipat depends on both the qualities of the siddha shaktipat guru (lighted candle) and the disciple (unlighted candle). If the siddha guru is more powerful, then the qualities of the disciple can be less. If the siddha guru is less powerful, logically then the qualities of the disciple must be higher.

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Hundreds of shaktipat gurus in India, Thousands years old yoga path!!!
Siddha Guru is a spiritual master in the path of Siddha yoga who is capable of giving shaktipat diksha to deserving candidate that will awaken their kundalini (instantaneously) which eventually leads to Self-Realization (after consistent efforts of several lives by that individual). Siddha Gurus are extremely rare to find, at the same time they are not impossible to find.

There have been hundreds of Siddha Gurus in India over last few centuries that have initiated tens of thousands of people (through Shaktipat initiation) on the path of Siddha yoga. Don't believe in those who claim Siddha yoga started from a particular siddha guru. Siddha Yoga is one of the oldest yoga path. Siddha yoga is few thousand years old yoga path. Sage Shri Vasishtha is known to have initiated Lord Shri Rama into Siddha yoga path through shaktipat diksha as did Lord Krishna initiate Arjuna on the battleground. Likewise, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, by a mere touch, graced Swami Vivekananda with the spiritual power that eventually led him to Self-Realization.

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Importance of Siddha Guru
The importance of a Siddha Guru cannot be overemphasized on this divine journey. First, because it is extremely rare for an aspirant to be able to awaken kundalini on their own (Self-awakening), and second, because after the kundalini awakening, various cleansing processes occur (kriyas and divine experiences) where the moderation of the kundalini effect by the Guru is very important. In absence of a Siddha Guru, the awakening of kundalini and the kriya events can be dramatic and sometimes damaging in cases where the recipient’s spiritual (or physical) body is not effectively ready for the stage.

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Why Siddha yoga? Why Siddha Gurus?
Siddha Gurus have the rare ability to awaken seekers kundalini that can lead them to self-realization or Supreme Consciousness or the Bliss. Once kundalini is awakened the seeker is expected to do consistent efforts for several decades to derive the basic benefits of the siddha yoga...and consistent efforts of several lives to attain the Self-Realization.

This is the path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga. The uniqueness of this Yoga is that it includes most of other Yogas. The type of Yoga (kriyas) precisely required occur spontaneously, leading to physical and spiritual purification (that starts with kundalini awakening and continues several decades and most probably several lives). On the other hand, in hath yoga, the practitioner has to do all asanas whether they need them or not (because the practitioner does not know which ones are necessary for the purification of their subtle body). In case of Siddha kundalini yoga, since the kundalini shakti is an “intelligent” energy it will produce precisely those kriyas that are necessary for purification of the subtle body (karma impressions) of the siddha yoga practitioner. This is one of the many reasons why siddha yoga is supreme and therefore the shaktipat guru are utmost important.

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Siddha Guru is one who has been granted right to give Shaktipat Diksha to others
Siddha guru is one who has traveled path of Siddha yoga and further he has been bestowed the authority and ability to awaken the kundalini of other beings by their siddha Guru (called diksha Gurutva). Please note: There may be many self-proclaimed siddha Gurus but none of them is real Siddha guru unless they have been granted Diksha Gurutva (right to give Shaktipat Diksha to others) by their own Siddha Guru! Even the Avatars had to have Guru (Maharshi Sandeepani was a guru of Lord Krishna, and Brahman-rishi Vasistha was Lord Sri Rama's guru).

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DO NOT believe in self-proclaimed Shaktipat Gurus
I strongly recommend: DO NOT believe in self-proclaimed Shaktipat Gurus on the internet that claim to awaken kundalini of other at price or the kundalini masters that offer PAID shaktipat diksha awakenings and enlightenment in days. As explained above, you will find extremely dramatic descriptions of awakening and kundalini experiences in general. They are made up just to create fear in people’s mind so that they can earn some quick cash. Such self-proclaimed kundalini masters and shaktipat Gurus need to be scrutinized very carefully. Here are two important points you should consider while doing research for Shaktipat guru on the web.

DO NOT even contact anyone who offers PAID shaktipat. I call all these as "quack gurus".
DO NOT believe in those who put all dramatic descriptions of kundalini shaktipat and awakenings. There is high chance that they are fake.

An ABLE shaktipat Guru is expected to moderate (control) the force of this kundalini rising (so that this does not become a dramatic event.)

Read about some living Siddha gurus and three Shaktipat gurus from my Guru paramapara 

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Yoga is an exact science. It aims at the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Everyone should follow one Yoga as their primary Yoga (based on their character). Then we must combine Karma Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga. This “Yoga Synthesis” will lead one to the God.
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Kundalini Yoga is also known by the names: Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, Shaktipat Yoga, Maha Yoga, Shakti Yoga or Kriya Yoga