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Q & A: Holy Spiritual personality sitting by me during Pooja, Agnihotra
Pranam, I simply worship Shri Datta Guru and Navnath Guru through reading Pothi (Holy Book) daily. This month I started to perform Agnihotra daily.

I sense one Holy Spiritual personality sitting beside me while Pooja. It's great. I can't see, only feel. Can I get darshan of that Divine? Please, I really want.

Nowadays I can feel that I am stuck in each and every field. Some force is obstructing, which feels bad. But simultaneously, I feel, there is some major change in my life (as still as situation before tsunami).
Please explain. I will be thankful.

Asilata (Name changed), India

Why Sadhak gets Spiritual/Divine experiences

In my view, all Divine/spiritual experiences including the one in your case (of ‘sensing Holy Spiritual personality sitting beside you while Pooja’) serve two purposes –

1) God's ‘will’ to guide and encourage Sadhak in their efforts to attain higher spiritual goal. With this ‘will’ the Sadhak (spiritual practitioner) will get occasional experiences that confirm presence of God in their life. These experiences eventually provide encouragement to the Sadhak for further progress.

2) Some Divine experiences (called Kriyas) also serve the purpose of cleaning of subtal body (Linga Sharira) and Causal body (Karana Sharira). The link Energy Pulses, Brightness, Cold Breeze: Siddha Yoga Experiences will tell you more about how to look at the experiences in the spiritual life. More importantly, the link also explains why and how one should learn to ignore (not get involved) in the experiences of any kind (simply because experiences are just the signs on the road to Divine and not the Divine self.)

Sacrifice Arishadvarga (Kama/Krodh/Lobh/Moh/Ahankar/Matsara) to the Agnihotra

In your case, you sensing Holy Spiritual personality sitting beside you during Pooja/Agnihotra, is a confirmation that the Divine is showing its presence in your life in the spiritual activity (Agnihotra) that you are doing and the Divine wants to let you know that you are doing good in your spiritual efforts (moving in the right direction). You should feel encouraged to do your Sadhana (Agnihotra) with more purity and concentration. In fact the message here is - you need to practice sacrificing your Arishadvarga (six passions of mind - Kama/Krodh/Lobh/Moh/Ahankar/Matsara and ultimately the desires) in the fire of Agnihotra in order to purify your Samskaras and Antahkarana to move higher on the ladder of spirituality.

Divine obstruction/interference (if it happens) is always for good

About the obstruction you may be experiencing: Here can be one of the explanations about the obstruction / disturbances Sadhak may experience during Sadhana:

(Important: not necessary this is your case, I am just trying to explain why negative material changes may occur for some Sadhaks) but overall I do not think there will be changes equivalent to a situation before tsunami as you think. This is possibly your worried mind trying to infer it as a possibility of a “tsunami”.

In the advance stages (as Sadhakas mind gets focused and calm by bhakti or spiritual progress) the Karma and Samskaras of the Sadhak start burning. Sometimes this process may require event changes in Sadhaka's material life. This sometimes literally means changing "Prabdha Karma" to enhance and empower further spiritual progress of a devotee or to avoid future (bigger) material disturbances (what we call ‘Sankat’ or ‘Vighna’) in the life of Sadhak. There are several examples of Gurus creating temporary obstruction in the life of devotee that eventually saved the devotee from bigger problem (sankat).

Example of Divine interference – Story of PP Shri Kalavati Aai

Here is one example – The author who wrote Charitra of PP Shri Kalavati Aai (Belgaum) had unusual experience. One day her (author’s) husband was planning to go to Haridwar with his friends. Shri Kalavati Aai advised him not go for the trip but he was insistent on it. What happened later was, just few hours before their bus arrived he had tremendous back ache from nowhere. It was so severe that he could not even get up from the bed and had to let his friends go for travel without him. The next day they got the news that the bus in which they were travelling had met with an accident and many of the passengers lost their lives in the accident. There are numerous such examples where a Guru has literally interfered in the material life of a devotee to avoid certain (bad) events in their life. This also implies the forceful change in the “Prabdha” of the Sadhak (which can happen only with Guru Kripa – Grace of a Siddha Guru). At the same time such events can happen ONLY in case of bhaktas that are serious in their Sadhana.

PP Shri Kalavati Aai (Belgaum)

PP Shri Kalavati Aai (Belgaum)

In short, if ever there are Divine obstructions, they are always for a good cause and are meant to help the devotee eventually.

I hope this was helpful and wasn’t too complex.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Holy Spiritual personality sitting by me during Pooja, Agnihotra Topics: Divine and Experiences

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