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Q & A: Burning of Karma, Kundalini healing, Disease Cure possible?
Just visited your website and liked what all there is.

My questions are relating to karma. I just want to know, what Karma Swatantrya (freedom) do we have? i.e. whether one decides to awaken kundalini (burn karmas) etc or as they say 'time' has to come ?

Second question is, whether burning all purva-karmas (sanchita karma) is really possible, without really experiencing their results (karma-phal)?

The last question is, whether yog-sadhana, kundalini-jagruti (awakening), can avoid / cure bodily idleness, solve material problems etc?

Hope to hear from you

Rutvika (Name changed), India

About your question: “My questions are relating to karma. I just want to know, what Karma Swatantrya (freedom) do we have? i.e. whether one decides to awaken kundalini (burn karmas) etc or as they say 'time' has to come?”

Karma Swatantrya – Means we as human being have complete freedom of choosing the right and wrong actions (thoughts) in our life. Karma Swatantrya applies to all the future actions and thoughts starting from this moment.

At the same time Karmic freedom does not apply to the karma that is already performed (in the current and past lives). We all carry Sanchita Karma (Sum Total of Karma or "Accumulated actions" performed in the past) and Prabdha karma (the fruits that will be delivered in this life) with us in the form of karmic seeds that eventually fructify.

It is relatively easy or possible to change the Sanchita karma (which will fructify in the future births) but Prabdha karma can rarely be changed. Prabdha karma cannot be changed for people who do not have faith in God. Prabdha karma can be changed in case of spiritual people. In case of spiritual people the God or Guru does interfere in devotee’s material (sansarik) life to change their prabdha karma. At the same time it should be clearly understood that even the God or Guru cannot make karma disappear (un-consume). God or Guru can ONLY adjust the karma-phala from the Sanchita karma. Consider this as accounting entries. There are examples of Guru consuming the devotee’s karmas (it is extremely rare but certainly possible).

The Karma Swatantrya always applies to the actions that an individual will be doing in the future (after the current moment). God has given us complete freedom (absolutely 100%) to do the karma. At the same time every karma will bring its karma-phala - if it is good karma it will add to good karma account which will bring rewards in the future lives [not this one] and if it is bad karma [wrong actions] will bring punishment in the future lives. The karma that every individual does is always guided by combination of trigunas (Sattva-Purity, Raja-Activity, and Tama-Inertia) within that individual. This is the reason why a criminal (person with higher Tama guna) will mostly do the wrong actions in right situations, while Sattvik person (with higher purity of thoughts and actions) will mostly do the right actions in the wrong situations. This is the reason each life goes more or less in the same direction based on their trigunas (Sattva, Raja and Tama).

Technically, if a person follows only the Sattva actions (which practically is never possible for an ordinary person) then the sanchita karma will be consumed after few lives and that individual will be liberated. This happen only in case of those who have attained highest level of sattva in their life (practically it takes spiritual efforts of several lives). This is generally the path that Saints follow (not applicable for normal individual).

The biggest challenge of human life is to change the direction of the life away from the pleasures and desires of material life and start walking towards the God. This is where the Karma Swatantrya (freedom to perform the right karma or action) should to be used. Once the human shows the will to change the direction (towards the God away from the desires), the God (or Guru) is always there to help them walk the right path. This help is mostly spiritual but the help also include removing difficulties in material life (we call them as miracles).

About your question: “whether one decides to awaken kundalini (burn karmas) etc or as they say 'time' has to come?”

If somebody has started thinking of “Kundalini” and spiritualism and if such thoughts get stronger (means it is not a temporary though that dies after few weeks or months) then it is highly possible that the time has arrived for them. Another important thing is anyone walking one step towards the God – God is always there to help them walk two more steps in the same direction. This is where the God literally interferes in human life and law of Karma (to help that individual to remove difficulties in his part towards the God.)

About your question: “whether burning all purva-karmas is really possible, without really experiencing their results (karma-phala)

Burning most of the purva-karmas (not all) is technically possible – only if an individual was a machine where he does only the Sattvik karma from this point on. But all the actions are created by the trigunas, and since trigunas WILL create the future karmas it is virtually impossible to burn all karmas in one life. But as actions go on getting purified (sattvik) the karmic account (seeds of sanchita karma) goes on reducing. But the process is EXTREMELY slow. Invariably, by our very nature, we continue to add more karma to sanchita karma each moment (with our current and future actions and thoughts).

All spiritual actions done without material expectation are capable of burning equivalent part of Sanchita karma. Here is list of actions that can burn karma from sanchita karma account 1) Meditation 2) Spiritual reading 3) Naam 4) Anusandhan 5) Seva 6) Dhyana and most of the spiritual things. Please note, the burning of karma happens ONLY if the spiritual things are done without expectation of material (sansarik) returns. If spiritual efforts are done with material expectation then the good karma gets added to karmic account as seed that will fructify in the future life as a reward. Please visit the page - How Karmic account balance is maintained and dispensed? (http://www.thekundaliniyoga.org/karma/how_karmic_account_balance_sanchita_prarabdha_karma_is_maintained.aspx)

In reality the burning of karma should be the goal of life, not adding good karma (that invariably brings rewards in the future life). This is where the Karma Yoga given by Lord Krishna tells us to do Karma without expectation. Karma done without expectation of fruits (or dissociating our “ego” from the karma) does not create karmic seeds. The person who does karma without association of “me” to karma is liberated eventually (after consuming current account of Sanchita karma)

About your question: “whether yog-sadhana, kundalini-jagruti (awakening), can avoid / cure bodily likeness, solve material problems etc?”

YES, absolutely 100% true. Especially for those on the path of kundalini yoga the healing of deceases and illness does happen. But it’s a very long and gradual process – If someone has taken a shaktipat diksha and does 1 hour meditation per day should expect much better health after 10-20 years.

The absolute fact is - Kundalini can cure any decease (I do mean what I am writing). At the same time one should remember it’s a war between your Sanchita karma, your Prabdha karma and your spiritual efforts (sadhana). It is extremely difficult to predict how this combination will work out for any individual. Therefore one should not claim the Cancer can be cured by Kundalini yoga even though it is absolutely certainly 100% possible to cure cancer through Siddha yoga. The timeline between the actions and results is very long and a normal person does not have such a vision to view the spiritual developments in the right perspective.

The 100% fact is The Kundalini Yoga (or siddha yoga) is one of the fastest paths of spiritual progress, general healing of human body and eventual union with the Divine (God). All other yoga paths follow the supreme path of Kundalini yoga or Siddha yoga. Read Why Siddha Yoga (Kundalini Shaktipat) is the Supreme Yoga Science?

Hope this helps.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Burning of Karma, Kundalini healing, Disease Cure possible? Topics: Karma and Kundalini

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