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Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi

Q & A: Fake Kundalini Gurus, Sexual Exploitation by False Gurus
I hope you are well. I am writing to you to pass on some information about a spiritual teacher in the United States that everyone should stay away from. Do you remember I told you I had had a bad experience with a Guru? Well this is the same person. I did not have any evidence before only my own experience and gut feeling but now some really disturbing things have emerged and I feel compelled to tell you because he is dangerous and if his name comes up you should be aware. I was a member of the their web group for a while, there are some lovely people there and the Guru comes across well on the Internet. However I attended a seminar with him in Ireland and was totally shocked. He used mind control, hypnotism techniques and the type of techniques they use in cults. He was not spiritual, but powerfully manipulative leader, there was also a strong sexual undertone. I had a lucid dream during the seminar where I was warned not to enter their "Church" under any circumstances as there were many hidden layers. I left the place straight after this. I warned others about the fake Guru. Now just yesterday two very young woman have shared very disturbing accounts. They were both in teacher-disciple relationships with him. In order to raise their Kundalini he insisted they be completely naked and prostrate themselves at his feet saying I surrender to the master Guru. To one he said that she would receive more Shakti if she had his semen in her mouth, he made the other one masturbate in front of him. There is a lot more but these are the basics. I just thought you should know as your both in the Unites States and he gives Shaktipat. He has power for sure but it is not Kundalini Shakti. Many thanks

Lucas (Name changed), Eurpoe

Thanks Lucas for update. I am sure this information will be useful for visitors too.

The fact is: there are 100 fake Gurus for one Genuine Guru. Average person is NOT gifted with the ability to differentiate the real Guru from the Fake ones. Generally the genuine Shaktipat Gurus will not even come in the limelight while you will find the fake Gurus always running behind fame, wealth and sex.

In my view, people should certainly read and understand about Kundalini (on the web etc.) at the same time they should be extremely careful while dealing with external/web groups of Kundalini people, especially those who sensationalize Kundalini and Siddha Yoga.

Here is my observation about Shaktipat Gurus in the West: There is lot of interest about Kundalini in the west, but unfortunately there is total lack of genuine knowledge about the Siddha Yoga in general and Kundalini Shakti in particular. Most of the people have absolutely wrong concepts about Kundalini Shakti. They think of Kundalini as some supernatural power that will grant them ability to create miracles and will provide them the healing powers. This is NOT true. Kundalini Shakti does none of these. The real Shaktipat Gurus NEVER use their Shakti (divine powers) for any material purpose.

Kundalini is all about cleaning the Pranamaya Kosha that eventually leads to Self-Realization. It has nothing to do with the external life.

Incident from the life of PP Shree Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj

In view of the event of the fake Guru you mentioned, I would like to mention an incident from the life of my Parapara-Guru (Great Grand Guru) PP Shree Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj. He was an accomplished Shaktipat master who initiated thousands of followers in ShaktiPat in India (between 1920-1954). Shree Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj was also one of the major proponents of Siddha yoga who brought path of Shaktipat initiation and siddha yoga to south India. Shree Swami Maharaj had taken sanyas (monk) and was living ascetic life in solitude in the Himalayas when he was directed by mother Kundalini to go to south and spread Siddha Yoga in south India (1924). He had all Siddhis (powers of creating miracles) serving at his feet. Just to give one example - he had cured one of his disciples (Mr,Jambuvant Sinha) from a decease that is never possible to be cured according to medical sciences. At the same time Swami Maharaj used the Siddhis only in rare instances where the follower deserved help in the spiritual path.
One day he was traveling in a train and he was sick and hungry because he had no food that day. He was extremely tired and eventually fell on the platform while he was alighting from the train. Two coolies saw it and picked him up and put him by the platform fence. After some time he gathered his strength and got back on his further journey.

The important point here is: Even though Swami had all the powers in this universe at his feet he never used them for his personal self, not even in extreme difficulties. Such a supreme master he was.

Looking at the above incident of the Fake Guru I really feel sad about the followers who blindly follow such fake Gurus. I would seriously advise people to understand path of Siddha Yoga very well before taking Shaktipat deeksha from a Shaktipat Guru. It is extremely important for people to understand the Qualities of Shaktipat Guru before blindly following someone who claims to be a Shaktipat Guru.
The fact is: God has given you freedom to choose. He is not going to interfere in your choice. You must face the consequences of wrong choice. Therefore, everyone should be extremely careful while going after Fake Gurus that you will find many on the internet.

Do not waste your time in search of a Guru

Here is my simple suggestion for those who are looking for a spiritual Guru: Don’t search for a Guru. Continue your spiritual growth with your abilities. The most important rule of God is - When the fruit is ripe it must fall down from the tree. In the same way, when you have attained necessary spiritual level, the Guru will be standing before you. He will not even ask you if you need a Shaktipat or not. He will give you Shaktipat whether you desire for it or not. That is the power of a Shaktipat Guru.

Here is an important quote by PP Swami Sivananda about a Guru - "Place your foot, step by step, very cautiously, on the different rungs of the ladder of yoga. Ascend very gradually to the summit. Be earnest in your sadhana (spiritual practice). Equip yourself with the necessary qualifications. Do not waste your time in search of a preceptor. When you are ready, you will enter the halls of wisdom. And there, waiting on the threshold, you will find your preceptor”

Summary: God is about surrender, not about miracles

God is not about showing miracles to the world, God is not about erasing other’s pains with some superpower. God is about complete surrender, where the identity of the Sadhak (practitioner) merges with the One (Divine). Kundalini is the Mother (guide) who will help you walk this path. Shakti (Kundalini) will help you lose your identity so that eventually you merge with the eternal bliss. Wrong are those who feel Kundalini is there to give them some supernatural powers. Path of the mother Kundalini is extremely difficult and littered with thorns, the final reward is the Eternal Bliss (where you are no different than the God.) Travel to the mortal plain (birth after birth) will continue as long as we carry a separate identity (other than the Divine’s identity or the Divine ‘will’)

Good luck to those who are looking for Gurus. You may find list of genuine Gurus on this page - Shaktipat Gurus: Siddha Gurus to Awaken Kundalini Shakti

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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