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Q & A: Can I take remote Shaktipat Deeksha? Is remote Shaktipat effective?
Love. I am from Syria, I like your website, I hope take Shaktipat from You. Do you have workshop near of Syria?

Is there way of remote Shaktipat Deeksha?

Many thanks

Muhammad (Name changed), Syria

Good to hear from you and happy you liked the site. I live in USA and do not see a possibility of a workshop near your area. I myself do not give Shaktipat Deeksha (because I am still a traveler) but I can provide some information in this direction.

The good part of all this is you don’t have to leave your place to get Shaktipat Deeksha nor do you need to be in presence of a Shaktipat Guru. (Obviously you need an able Shaktipat Guru for sure.)

You may be surprised by the above statement. How can one give and take Shaktipat (or any other type of) Deeksha remotely? Remote Deeksha is very much possible because it is a 'Sankalpa' Deeksha. Remote or Sankalpa Deeksha is a common practice in India and outside. There are many Gurus that give Sankalpa Deeksha to aspirants living abroad.

Sankalpa Deeksha is a deeksha by thought where the initiator (Guru) and the aspirant (seeker) of Shaktipat Deeksha decide a specific day and time. The aspirant will sit in Asana (comfortable Yoga position) at his home during that time. The Guru will give 'Sankalpa' Deeksha remotely.

How is it possible? For human mind it is extremely difficult to understand the logic behind this. But we can use analogy that will help you grasp the concept of ‘Sankalpa’ Deeksha.

To understand this first we need to know what Deekksha is? A Deeksha (pronounced as ‘diksha’) is an ages old technique of the transfer of spiritual (cosmic) energy from a Guru to a seeker. Deeksha is given only by Gurus to an aspirant to help them on their spiritual path and to enable eventual enlightenment (Self-Realization.) At the same time, it should be remembered that Self-Realization is a process of several decades and probably many lives and Deeksha is just the first step on this travel.

The spiritual (cosmic) energy does not have limitations of 3 dimensions where we live in (of a physical body). Consider a process of mind. Mind can travel to any distance within fraction of seconds. It does not have limitation of place or time. It works beyond both these spaces, it goes beyond three dimensions where we live in. In the same way, spiritual Deeksha being a cosmic energy can travel with the thought of a Guru and a seeker can receive it as long as Guru-Seeker are connected with a thought process at that point of time. Time factor is extremely important in the transfer of spiritual energy by thought.

It should be remembered that the transferred cosmic energy works different with every person, because the people are in different points of their spiritual development. Most people experience immediate Kriyas and a clear change in their consciousness; others feel only a subtle effect and some feel nothing at all. Consider Deeksha as a seed. If a seed falls on a rock it may not germinate, but the same seed if it falls on fertilized soil will germinate soon. Spiritual progress works the same way. Deeksha is the seed that Guru gives you and once you receive the seed, it is your job to keep the ground fertile and weed-less so that the seed cultivates into a plant and eventually a tree bearing fruits.

I hope I was able to explain it. I have listed few Gurus in India who are giving Shaktipat Deeksha remotely. There are many more than what I have listed. This page will help you in your search of a Shaktipat Guru.

You may also want to study more about Qualities of Shaktipat Guru, Why Shaktipat Diksha? and also be aware about the Fake Shaktipat Gurus around.

In my view anyone can take Shaktipat deeksha provided they honestly feel they are prepared enough to follow this path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga. Most of the information is there on the site for you to research.

Hope this helps. If you have questions, please let me know and I can explain more.

Thank you.
Mahendra Joshi

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Q & A: Can I take remote Shaktipat Deeksha? Is remote Shaktipat effective? Topics: Kundalini and Shaktipat initiation

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